20% off AquaGlide Cascade Inflatable SUPs through July 13th

AquaGlide is kicking off the season with a Summer SUP Sale – all AquaGlide Cascade inflatable paddle boards are now 20% off through July 13th.
The AquaGlide SUP range consists of three models – the Cascade 10-0, 10-6 and 12-6, normally priced from $699 to $899, now $559 to $719.

The Cascade 10-0 is a lightweight and maneuverable 4-inch thick board that is great for people up to 160 lbs. Now $559.

The Cascade 10-6 is a perfect choice for recreational paddling. Built from 150mm material, the 6-inch thick board is all-around board for varying members of the family and larger riders up to 230 lbs. Now $639.

The Cascade 12-6 is a stiff, efficient inflatable SUP designed specifically for touring. With a long waterline that provides optimal tracking, the Cascade is a great choice for day-long touring, adventure travel, or a paddling workout. Carrying capacity is up to 260 lbs. Now $719.
All AquaGlide Cascades have an integrated Powerstrip plate on the underside which increases the stiffness for an optimum paddling experience. It’s durable enough to paddle whitewater, bounce off rocks or hand over to the kids.

Couple that with a board which quickly deflates and rolls up into a small 20 x 33 x 10 inch backpack, and you have the ideal traveling companion.

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