Choosing Your Advanced Elements Convertible, Convertible DS or Convertible Elite Inflatable Kayak

Earlier this year we received our first shipment of Advanced Elements’ new model, the AE1007E Convertible Elite in red: the Convertible is a popular tandem inflatable kayak for one to two paddlers. This joined the current models, the Convertible AE1007R or Convertible AE1007G in red or green and the AE1007 Convertible DS in blue.  Before they arrived, we were fielding inquiries on all three models which came down to one basic question – what is different?
In a nutshell, all three kayak models are identical in construction, materials and footprint – the only variations are in the colors and included accessories.
Standard AE1007G and AE1007R

The standard Convertible has been available for nearly 15 years, and now comes as AE1007G and AE1007R. These are identical except for the color – green or red – and come with a low-pressure 1-PSI inflatable floor with i-beams and pressure relief valve. Both have high-backed seats and come with the standard Advanced Elements duffel-style carry bag. Both have a street price of $699.
Convertible Elite and Convertible DS

Both the Convertible Elite AE1007E and Convertible DS AE1007DS come with the hi-pressure 4-6 PSI drop stitch floor (shown above with the standard 1 PSI low-pressure floor), which greatly enhances paddling performance and rigidity. The drop stitch floor ($239 value) also provides a firmer surface for getting into – and out of – the kayak. Both of these also come with two upgraded, high-backed seats with inflatable lumbar support ($128 value), and an additional padded seat bottom, providing a more comfortable paddling experience. Both of these also include a carrying case with backpack straps ($107.95 value), making it easier to transport. The new AE1007E Convertible Elite is available in red, with a street price of $949.

The Convertible DS AE1007DS in blue is exclusive to AirKayaks, and has been available for nearly 5 years.

In addition to the floor, seats and backpack upgrades listed previously, the current version also includes an integrated, adjustable front foot brace system ($29.99 value).

The base kayak also includes the Advanced Elements double action hand pump with gauge ($39.99 value) as well as a bonus StashPack 20 Liter dry bag ($49.99 value). Street price is $899.
Bottom Line:
If you plan on doing mostly tandem recreational paddling on calmer waters, don’t need all the whiz-bangs, or are on a budget, then the basic Convertible AE1007R/G with 1-PSI floor might be your best choice at $699.
If you plan on paddling in a variety of conditions both tandem and solo, with comfort and performance as a priority, then go with the high-pressure versions. For at-a-glance comparison, see the table below.

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AE1007R Convertible Inflatable Kayak in Red.
AE1007G Convertible Inflatable Kayak in Green
AE1007E Convertible

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