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Sneak Preview: New Convertible Elite High Pressure Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements of Benicia, California recently introduced one of two new kayaks for the 2019 product year. The AE1007E Convertible Elite is a package upgrade to the long-standing, popular AE1007R Advanced Elements Convertible inflatable kayak for one or two paddlers.

First introduced in 2003 as the AE1004 AdvancedFrame2, the original model featured an integrated deck for double paddling. The kayak was reintroduced in 2006 as the AE1007R AdvancedFrame Convertible, sporting an open cockpit design which could be enclosed with optional single and double decks for solo or tandem paddling.

The new AE1007E Convertible Elite features the identical kayak materials and construction as the current AE1007R, but with upgraded accessories and features. The Convertible Elite now comes with a 4-6 PSI drop stitch floor, rather than the standard 1 PSI PVC floor with i-beams. The increased floor rigidity enhances the paddling experience with better tracking and glide.

Other new features include the high-backed lumbar seat, now with a padded seat base. This increases the comfort providing a stiffer seat with inflatable lumbar support, and a slightly higher position that compensates for the rigid floor.

The standard carrying case has also been replaced with the roomier, backpack style case. making it easier to transport.

The current Convertible remains in the product line in the standard red color (AE1007R) as well as the high-visibility green color (AE1007G). Street price is $699.

The AE1007E Convertible Elite is available in red with a street price of $949.

AirKayaks also has the top-selling Convertible DS AE1007B-DS inflatable tandem with the same features as the Convertible Elite yet includes a front foot brace, double action pump with gauge and the StashPack 20L deck bag for a street price of $899.
Optional single and double decks are available for all three colors – red, blue and green.
See the AirKayaks.com website (links below) for more details or to purchase. AirKayaks also features customized and bundled packages at additional savings.

AE1007R Convertible in Red
AE1007G Convertible in Green
AE1007E Convertible Elite in Red
AE1007B-DS Convertible DS in Blue

The new Advanced Elements Attack Pro high-pressure inflatable whitewater kayak will be coming late spring 2019. Stay tuned for details.

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Advanced Elements: AdvancedFrame 2 versus Convertible Inflatable Kayaks

This past spring, we received first-hand information on Advanced Elements’ new two-person inflatable kayak model, the 13-ft AdvancedFrame 2. Available in limited quantities, the AdvancedFrame 2 combines features from several current models. The kayak is a lightweight and compact version of the popular Convertible kayak with the silhouette of the Expedition, has a floor and seating setup similar to the Lagoon 2, with a higher 450 lbs weight capacity.

Before they arrived, we began fielding numerous questions on which to choose – the Convertible (shown in blue on the bottom) or the AdvancedFrame 2 (shown in green on top). Here are some things to think about.
What’s the same?
Both the Convertible and AdvancedFrame 2 utilize the same type of hull material and three-layer construction, consisting of a kayak outer cover, with PVC side tubes in their own covered fabric sheath. Both have an integrated tracking fin, landing plate and beefed up bow and stern. Both have the removable bow and stern aluminum ribs, and plastic bow and stern stiffening sheets. Both kayaks come with two seats, repair kit, instructions and carrying case (though the carrying case for the AdvancedFrame 2 is generously oversized). Both have 6 inflation chambers – two military valves and four twistloks. Both have two molded rubber handles – bow and stern – and front bungee deck lacking with d-rings and quick-connect clips as well as four rear d-rings. Both have velcro paddleholders.
Both can use the optional rapidup sail, backbone, high-pressure floor and foot pegs.
This is where the similarities end.

At 13 feet in length, the AdvancedFrame 2 is 2 feet shorter than the Convertible, and at 43 lbs with seats in the carrying case, weighs 9 lbs less. While the Convertible features a 1-PSI PVC inflatable floor with i-beam construction, the AdvancedFrame 2 floor does not inflate; it is constructed from a half-inch thick closed-cell foam – similar to that used under sleeping bags (see photo above). The lower “center of gravity” in the AdvancedFrame 2 is compensated for with inflatable seat bases, while the Convertible features a non-inflatable 1-inch seat base with a stiffer, higher back. As the foam floor “rolls” up, the folded dimensions are not quite as compact – hence the larger carrying case.

While both kayaks have open seating areas, the AdvancedFrame 2 has a slim, one-inch coaming area that helps to keep out water, but can not use a deck or spray skirt. The Convertible features a zippered perimeter that allows one to attach optional single and double spray decks (shown above) as well as optional spray skirts.
The Convertible has more flexibility in seating positions, featuring front, rear and center clipping positions. The AdvancedFrame 2 does not have the center clipping position, and the seat straps

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Sneak Preview: Limited Edition AdvancedFrame 2 Inflatable Tandem Kayak from Advanced Elements

This past month, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California, released information on their new two-person inflatable kayak model, the 13-ft AdvancedFrame 2.

Available in limited quantities, the AdvancedFrame 2 combines features from several current models. The kayak is a lightweight and compact version of the popular Convertible kayak, yet features more open seating and a higher 450 lb weight capacity than the Lagoon 2. A large cockpit opening similar to that found on the Advanced Elements Sport, allows for easy entry and exit.
The AdvancedFrame 2 contains the same aluminum rib inserts, deck-lacing, d-rings, paddle holders, materials and construction as the other models in the AdvancedFrame series, yet combines some features from the Lagoon 2 – such as a closed cell foam floor and inflatable seat bases – and integrated PVC fishing rod holders as found on the StraitEdge kayaks.

Dimensions: 13 ft long by 32 inches wide
Carrying Capacity:450 lbs
Weight: Approximately 40 lbs.
Two military valves and four twistlok valves

The AE1009-A2 AdvancedFrame 2 is a great choice for lakes and mild rivers, to bays and estuaries. The kayak comes with two seats, instructions, repair kit, double action pump, fishing rod holders and carrying case.
The kayak can also be purchased as the AdvancedFrame 2 DS with a high pressure 4-6 PSI floor, for better paddling and greater rigidity.
The new 13 ft AE1009-A2 AdvancedFrame2 tandem inflatable kayak is in transit and scheduled to be available October 15th.
Street price is $599 for the standard version or $785 for the high-pressure DS version; both come with the AE2009 compact double action hand pump. For more details or to purchase, visit the AdvancedFrame 2 or AdvancedFrame 2 DS product pages at AirKayaks.com. You can also contact us at 707-998-0135, or ask to get on the Notification List.

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Interview with Advanced Elements Co-Founder, Clay Haller

For more than a decade, AirKayaks has been selling the Advanced Elements line of inflatable kayaks and paddling gear.
The Advanced Elements product line was created in 2002 by two inventors, Charlie Hall and Clay Haller. Both had been involved in inflatable kayak design, but wanted to “push the envelope’ with a new concept – a “hybrid” design of inflatable and rigid components that perform more like a hardshell kayak, but portable, lightweight, and affordable.
What started off as a few solo models, has evolved to a fine-tuned collection, well-known for durability, performance and innovation.
Advanced Elements AirFusion Inflatable Hybrid Kayak
Today Advanced Elements offers 13 kayak models, ranging in size from 7 ft 9 inches to 15 ft.  These span the gamut of recreational to touring, fishing to whitewater, open and closed designs, in both solo and tandem models.

In 2010 Advanced Elements also forayed into the inflatable stand-up paddle board arena, currently offering 6 models ranging in size from 8 ft to 12.5 ft.
We first “met” Clay Haller and Charlie Hall by chance. In 2000, while driving through the vineyards of Santa Rosa, California, we noticed a yard sale sign pointing down a long grape-laden dirt road. Intrigued, we followed the signs, winding around and up a hill. Reaching the crescent, we looked down on the valley to see an amazing sight …. dozens of kayaks lined up in rows. Self-bailers, tandems, singles, sit-insides, paddles, pumps and prototypes – and all inflatable.
We had stumbled upon the original Stearns IK (inflatable kayak) design studio, and Clay and Charlie were cleaning house.
The early introduction set us on a different course, which ultimately led us to selling inflatable kayaks and developing AirKayaks.com. It wasn’t until 2002 that we chanced upon them again, this time as Advanced Elements.
Some of the Advanced Elements crew before a group paddle. From left, Ryan Pugh, Ritchie Simpson, Jeremy Cooley and Clay Haller.
We met up with Clay recently, to ask him a few questions about Advanced Elements.
AirKayaks: Who/what is Advanced Elements? How did you get started?
My business partner, Charlie Hall and I started Advanced Elements about 15 years ago with a completely new concept of a “hybrid inflatable kayak”. A kayak that performs more like a hardshell kayak than anything ever seen before. This model today is the AdvancedFrame.
Advanced Elements co-founder, Charlie Hall, in an AdvancedFrame kayak.
Charlies’ wealth of experience as the inventor of the Waterbed, Sun Shower, and many other products, certainly guided the development and established a solid foundation to grow upon. Advanced Elements has grown into a company with key focus points, such as Product Development, and Customer Service, and we’re doing the very best to evolve the concept of the inflatable kayak and SUP, and to bring new

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Product Review: New AE1044 AdvancedFrame DS-XL Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

We continue with our reviews on the new Advanced Elements AE1044DS™ series of kayaks.
As previously mentioned, two years ago, AirKayaks introduced the specially-packaged, high-pressure AdvancedFrame DS series™ of kayaks from Advanced Elements. Featuring the same high quality construction and materials as the standard AE1012 AdvancedFrame and AE1007 Convertible, the DS Series™ was bundled with upgraded accessories to enhance performance and comfort.

This past year, AirKayaks worked with the designers at Advanced Elements, to introduce the next generation in the DS Series – the AdvancedFrame AE1044 DS-XL™* and DS-XLC™*.
The new DS-XL series is an elongated version of the classic AE1012 AdvancedFrame. With an additional 5 inches in length and an adjustable foot peg, the kayaks are comfortable enough for both taller and smaller paddlers. The longer, streamlined body – in conjunction with the high pressure floor – provides better tracking, higher payload capacity and increased glide with minimal increase in weight.
We grabbed two from the limited supply that initially arrived. Our first review focused on the AE1044 AdvancedFrame DS-XLC (Cover). The XLC kayak features a zip-on deck with storage options, allowing paddlers the flexibility of paddling an open style design for easy entry, or a closed deck design which can take an optional spray skirt.

We now turn to the AdvancedFrame AE1044DS-XL, a 10′ 10″ inflatable with fixed deck, weighing in at 35 lbs. in the carrying case. Please note, some of this information will be repeated from previous writeups.
AdvancedFrame DS-XL Setup/Inflatation
We unpacked the boxes and laid out the pieces – inflatable kayak, carrying case, instructions, repair kit, foot brace, double action pump with gauge, and high-back lumbar seat.

The kayak with seat, floor and brace weighs 35 lbs, or 39 lbs in the bag with the pump. Bag measurements are approximately 32 x 19 x 10 inches. The kayak box as arrived weighs 40 lbs, measuring 33 x 21 x 10 inches. The dropstitch (DS) floor weighs 5 lbs and comes in a second box with adaptor – the DS floor utilizes the same repair kit as included with the kayak.
(AirKayaks Side note #1: When initially removing the kayak from the carrying case, take a good look at how the kayak is folded. This is probably the most overlooked step and it is VERY helpful when trying to get the kayak back into the bag.)
Set up is straight-forward and simple  – unpack, unfold, inflate. The DS XL Series will have two sets of instructions – one can be found in the inner side pocket of the carrying case. This details the basic kayak instructions for inflation, deflation and folding. A second set of instructions is included in the dropstitch floor repair kit package, and details the floor inflation. TIP: Attach the floor instructions

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New 2016 Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak & Paddle Board Lineup

At the recent Outdoor Retailer Show held in August, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California unveiled their 2016 product line of inflatable kayaks, SUPs and paddling gear.

The Advanced Elements 2016 lineup features one new model, redesigns on four others, and the inclusion of three 2015 prototype models. Beginning in January 2016, pricing on several kayak models will increase 2% to 9% due to higher material, manufacturing and shipping costs.

The current 11-0 Fishbone inflatable paddle board will be joined by the new Fishbone EX – a 12-6 version with a 30 inch beam and 6 inch thickness. Max payload is 300 lbs, giving it the ability to fit one or two paddlers. Retail price will be $1199. All current inflatable paddle board models – Hula 11, Hula 8, Fishbone, Lotus YSup and Stiffy – will remain the same construction and same pricing as in 2015.

The Island Voyage II – which was available in limited quantities during 2015 – will now be added to the lineup. At 11’2″ in length and a 37″ width, the Island Voyage II features an open design with three seating positions, allowing one to paddle solo or tandem. See our Island Voyage detailed writeup and review. Retail price is $429.
In the AdvancedFrame series, most of the models remain status-quo in features, but with new color and graphic choices.

The popular AE1012 AdvancedFrame and AE1007 Convertible will now be available in the standard orange-red as well as hi-vis lime-green, with matching Convertible deck colors. Prices will increase $40 and $50 respectively, with MSRPs of $539 and $799. The AdvancedFrame Sport will also have a graphics redesign, with the price increasing $10 to $449.

The current yellow 13-ft Expedition AE1009 will be replaced by the popular 2015 Limited Edition Expedition. Now in a navy blue with orange graphics, the Expedition LTD sports a sleeker silhouette with integrated storage. A new “deck lift” – consisting of an aluminum bar – works in conjunction with the current integrated inflatable deck lifts, to create a sculpted look with more knee/legroom as well as shedding accumulated water.  A rear integrated storage hatch with rolltop closure provides easy access to paddling gear. See our detailed Expedition LTD writeup with photos. MSRP $749.
The Lagoon single and tandem kayaks will remain the same, with retail prices increasing $20 and $30. While the current Attack, StraitEdge Angler and StraitEdge 2 models are also unchanged in construction, prices will be increased $25, $20 and $50 respectively.
The Firefly, AirFusion Elite, Packlite and Friday Harbor Adventure inflatable kayaks will remain the same with no change in pricing. The Commander 9 and Commander 12 inflatable dinghies have been retired.
By 2016, most of the kayak models with low-pressure floors will include the integrated 1-PSI pressure

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Sneak Preview: AdvancedTrak Kayak Rudder Kit from Advanced Elements

At the recent summer Outdoor Retailer show in Utah, Advanced Elements introduced their inflatable kayak, paddling gear and SUP product line for 2016.

Top on the list is the innovative new AdvancedTrak Kayak Rudder Kit, which can be added to your Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame series kayak.
The AdvancedTrak system adds turning and tracking performance to Advanced Elements Convertible, AdvancedFrame, Expedition and Sport kayaks.
How does this work? An injection molded end cap is glued to the stern of the kayak, acting as a rudder mount. Cables run up to adjustable foot pegs with added rudder control pedals. The rudder is quick to set up and remove, and locks into place.
The AdvancedTrak Rudder Kit AE4005 includes the end cap rudder mount, glue, rudder, rigging kit, instructions, a set of AE4003 adjustable foot pegs and pedals. MSRP $299 for the system, with availability in spring of 2016.
Watch a YouTube Video prepared by Adventure Kayak Magazine during the Outdoor Retailer show.

For further details stay-tuned, watch the Advanced Elements products page on AirKayaks.com, or ask to get on our notification list.

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Sneak Preview: New AdvancedFrame DS-XL and XLC High-Pressure Inflatable Kayaks from Advanced Elements

AirKayaks.com, an internet-based retailer of inflatable kayaks, paddle boards and paddling gear, today announced the arrival of two new inflatable kayaks in the Advanced Elements DS series™* of high pressure kayaks – the AdvancedFrame DS-XL™ and DS-XLC™.

Manufactured by Advanced Elements for AirKayaks.com, the new DS-XL series™ is an elongated version of the classic AE1012 AdvancedFrame. The longer, streamlined body – in conjunction with the high pressure floor – provides better tracking and increased glide with minimal increase in weight, as well as being comfortable enough for both taller and smaller paddlers. The kayaks now come standard with an adjustable foot brace.
The concept behind the new DS-XL series was explained by Chuck Lamb, co-owner AirKayaks, “The AdvancedFrame kayak is a time-proven, excellent-performing kayak with thousands of loyal owners. At 10′ 5″ long, it represents a great balance of size, weight and tracking ability. With a host of accessories designed to accommodate the diverse needs of paddlers, it has proven to be an excellent choice for beginners and experienced kayakers alike.”

Lamb further states, “But, what if you take a great design like the AdvancedFrame, tweak it a bit so that it will have even more universal appeal? That is exactly what we did with the DS-XL and DS-XLC models. Our company worked out details with the designers at Advanced Elements and have produced two kayaks that we feel will further advance the popularity of this classic model. The DS-XL and the DS-XLC are both 5 inches longer, which means that taller paddlers like me (6’2″) will have plenty of leg room for long, comfortable trips. Fitted with an adjustable foot brace, both models will allow comfortable paddling for shorter paddlers as well.”

The AdvancedFrame DS-XLC kayak also features an included zip-on deck with storage options, allowing paddlers the flexibility of paddling an open style design for easy entry, or a closed deck design which can take an optional spray skirt. Extra d-rings are also provided.

According to Lamb, “While the DS-XL cockpit geometry is the same as the standard Advanced Frame, the DS-XLC (Cover) has a removable deck similar to the AE1007 Convertible. This allows you to use the kayak as either a semi-enclosed kayak like the DS-XL or as an open-frame model with easier access and – depending on your preferences – more paddling comfort. Personally I prefer open kayak designs for that reason.”

Both kayaks are supplied with a high-backed lumbar seat for paddling comfort, a double action pump with gauge, and the very popular 4-6 PSI, high-pressure, dropstitched floor. Both can use optional Advanced Elements spray skirts, as well as most other Advanced Elements products such as the Rapidup sail.

The two kayaks join the popular Convertible DS – a 15 foot inflatable

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New Limited Edition AdvancedFrame LTD Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

As mentioned in prior posts, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California, unveiled two 2015 limited edition inflatable kayak models at last summer’s Outdoor Retailer Show.

The new 10.5 ft limited edition AE1012-LTD AdvancedFrame LTD touring kayak is in transit and scheduled to be available May 15th.
The AdvancedFrame LTD features a major color redesign, as well as some updated design changes. Now in a Hi-Vis lime green with yellow graphics, the AdvancedFrame LTD sports a sleek silhouette with improved seating. A high-backed, rigid seat for added comfort and support is standard in the limited edition model.
Velcro paddle holders are now included as well as new d-rings, making it easier to attach gear.
An integrated “pressure relief valve” ensures the floor is not over-inflated. Set at 1 PSI, the relief valve releases enough air to maintain 1 PSI when pumping it up, or if left in the hot sun.

Street price is $499. For more details or to purchase, visit the AdvancedFrame LTD product page at AirKayaks.com

The larger Expedition LTD – a 13 foot touring model selling for $679 – is currently available. For more info see the Expedition LTD product page at AirKayaks.com. You can also see our Detailed Writeup with Photos on the Expedition LTD from Advanced Elements.

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AirKayaks: Guide to Choosing Your Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak

One of the leading inflatable kayak design companies is Advanced Elements, located in Benicia, California.

Founded in 2002 by two inventors, Charlie Hall and Clay Haller, the Advanced Elements line has grown into one of the best-known lines of inflatable kayaks. From the company’s inception, Clay and Charlie desired to push the envelope with a new concept – a “hybrid” design of inflatable and rigid components that perform more like a hard shell kayak, but portable, lightweight, and affordable.
Today, Advanced Elements is well-known for durability, performance and innovation. The 2015 lineup includes 12 kayak models with three variations, ranging in size from 7 ft 9 inches to 15 ft.  These span the gamut of recreational to touring, fishing to whitewater, open and closed designs, in both solo and tandem models.
With this many choices, where does one start?

If this is your first kayak, you may want to read our Guide to Choosing an Inflatable Kayak – What You Should Consider, which explains some of the generic features and concepts in inflatable kayaks.
If you have a good idea what you’re looking for, AirKayaks has prepared a table outlining and comparing each of the Advanced Elements models. This is separated into three sections:

Solo models under 10 feet in length
Solo models over 10 feet in length
Tandem models for one or two paddlers.

How do you use this table? First, ascertain the paddler sizes – are you big and tall or average?
Then decide the type(s) of paddling you want to do (paddling situations):

Touring – Long paddles, camping, open water
Coastal – Open water, waves, bays
Recreational – Lakes, sloughs, slower rivers, calm waters
Whitewater – Fast-moving maneuvering with eddies, drops.
Wave surfing

Determine what attributes are important (or not!) to you – do you want portability or storage capacity? Stability or speed?

Follow the color key to decide which kayak is good for varying sizes and activities:
Blue – The kayak is great!
Green – The kayak is good.
Orange – The kayak is okay.
Yellow – This kayak is not recommended.
For instance, if you were average weight and height, and calm water paddling was a priority, then the AE1017 Sport might be a great choice. But, if you planned on some open water or inclement weather paddling, then the AE1012 – with its enclosed deck – might be best.

If you are having trouble viewing the details in the table (separated into three),  follow this link for a larger and printable version of the Choosing Your Advanced Elements Inflatable Kayak.
Solo models under 10 feet in length

Solo models over 10 feet in length

Advanced Elements tandem kayaks for solo or double paddling.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, you can view details on the various Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks at http://www.AirKayaks.com. You can also read the following product reviews –

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