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Video: Advanced Elements Sport DS High-Pressure Inflatable Kayak

Our latest video on the new Sport DS Inflatable Kayak – manufactured by Advanced Elements exclusively for AirKayaks.com.

The new Sport DS high-pressure inflatable kayak is fun, nimble and paddles beautifully. Compact and lightweight with a 4-6 PSI floor, the Sport DS features a simpler, streamlined, open cockpit design best suited for lakes, bays, calm rivers and inland waters. At 10 feet 5 inches, 28 lbs and a payload of 250 lbs, the Sport DS is perfect for all ages and experience levels, appealing to price-conscious individuals who simply want performance.
The Sport DS is fourth in AirKayaks’ high-pressure inflatable kayak series, joining the 10’10” AdvancedFrame DS XL, the AdvancedFrame DS XLC with zip out deck, and the Convertible DS tandem for one or two paddlers.
The Sport DS series for AirKayaks comes with upgraded accessories:

High-pressure double action pump with a pressure gauge
High-backed lumbar seat
Blue diamond rip stop fabric
4-6 PSI inflatable drop stitch floor for extreme rigidity compared to the standard pvc floor.

For more info on set up, features, specification and performance, see our detailed product review/write-up with photos on the Advanced Elements Sport DS inflatable Kayak. To purchase, visit the Sport DS product page at AirKayaks.com. You can also contact us at info@airkayaks.com or give us a call at 707-998-0135.

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Product Review: New Hi-Pressure Sport DS™ Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Earlier this spring, our first shipment of the new AdvancedFrame Sport DS arrived in port, becoming the fourth addition to the popular Advanced Elements DS series* of high pressure inflatable kayaks.
Manufactured by Advanced Elements exclusively for AirKayaks.com, the new Sport DS features the same footprint as the current low-pressure AE1017 Sport, but with high-pressure floor and upgraded accessories for added comfort and performance.

Following are details on the AdvancedFrame Sport DS AE1017DS, a 10’5″ hi-pressure inflatable weighing in at roughly 28 lbs with an MSRP of $499. (Please note: some of this will be repeated from prior reviews.)
Getting Started with the AdvancedFrame Sport DS Kayak
The box as received weighs 36 lbs, measuring 31 x 18 x 11 inches.

Inside, the rugged carrying case measures 33 x 19 x 11 inches, and houses the kayak body, high-backed lumbar seat, high pressure floor, repair kit, double action pump, gauge and instructions. The kayak and pump in the case weighs 30 lbs, while the kayak and seat alone are 28 lbs. The case has just enough room to include a breakdown paddle (not included). AirKayaks note: Take a good look at how the kayak is folded BEFORE setting up, this will help during breakdown.
AdvancedFrame Sport DS Kayak Setup/Inflation
The instructions are located in a small plastic pocket inside the carrying case. The manual included is for the standard low-pressure Sport, with an additional sheet on using the high-pressure DS floor. The inflation procedure is similar for both versions of the Sport, with the one difference the floor inflation pressure of 4-6 PSI for the dropstitch floor.

Additionally, a short version of the DS inflation can be found on the tag attached to the rear carrying handle.
First step, unfold the kayak. The AdvancedFrame Sport DS – along with all AdvancedFrame models – features an “inner rib” in the bow and stern, which is basically a u-shaped aluminum rib, about a foot long and one-half inch wide.

This comes “pre-assembled” meaning it arrives already inserted into two sleeves inside the kayak cover. Unless you remove the inner bladder, they remain in position. When the kayak is pumped up, the inner bladder with rib presses against the kayak cover – that, in conjunction with two bow and stern plastic sheets, give the kayak a sharp silhouette which aids in slicing through the water.

The kayak features 5 inflation chambers – two military valves and 3 twist-loks. The military-style plunger valves are simple to use – twist up to inflate (this is the closed position where air goes in and doesn’t come out) and down to deflate (air goes in and comes back out).

The pump comes with a screw-on adaptor for the main chamber, but a standard Boston valve adaptor will friction fit

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