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Tahe Outdoors – New Inflatable SUPs and Kayaks for 2021

We recently received news on the upcoming TAHE Outdoors inflatable SUP and kayak line for 2021.

Better known in the US under the BIC Sport name, the TAHE brand is a union of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors, two companies committed to water sports for decades.
Established in 1979, BIC Sport pioneered the windsurf industry, expanding into surfing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding, while the European-based Tahe Outdoors is one of the largest and fastest growing European manufacturers of paddle sport and kite surfing equipment.
Two years ago, the BIC Sport water line was acquired by Tahe Outdoors. BIC Sport’s board culture, manufacturing expertise and focus on family fun is now combined with Tahe Outdoors’ dedication to exploration and craftsmanship. The result is a brand focused on water fun, featuring environmentally friendly production processes, quality products at an affordable price, and investment in innovation and development.
For 2021, the Tahe Outdoor watersports range includes an inflatable kayak and paddle board line which transitions from the 2020 BIC Sport series. While all products feature the new TAHE brand identity and look, two major categories and themes – Beach and Breeze – are used across both the inflatable kayak and paddle board lines.
The Beach series features entry-level and economically-priced SUPs and kayaks geared towards first time users, those on a budget, or those looking for casual recreational fun. The Breeze series consists of intermediate products at a slightly higher price-point, for those interested in extended touring or more features.
Both Beach and Breeze series consist of complete “get on the water” packages.
Tahe Outdoors Inflatable Beach Series

The Beach Series Packages – “where adventure begins” – consists of three inflatable SUP models, three inflatable kayak models and two “crossover’packages which can do double-duty as kayak or SUP. Each package includes almost everything needed to get on the water, short of life vests.
The inflatable SUP-Air packages include the Beach 10-6, Beach 11-6 and Beach Wing 11’0.

The 10’6″ Beach SUP AIR and 11-6 Beach SUP-AIR are stable, lightweight and easy to use recreational paddle boards. Each features a 6-inch thick dropstitch construction, a standard US-Fin box with 9-inch fin and an innovative Daisy Chain Attachment System encircling the deck pad, allowing you to attach accessories – such as storage gear or optional seat for sit-on-top kayaking – wherever you want.

The Beach 10-6 SUP-AIR is 34 inches wide, weighs 22 lbs and has a 300 lb payload. The longer Beach 11-6 SUP-AIR is 36 inches wide, 25 lbs in weight and has a 450 lb payload – this can easily convert to a tandem SUP by adding an optional second SUP paddle. Both boards come with a backpack, adjustable breakdown SUP paddle, ankle leash, repair kit, fin, high-pressure pump with gauge

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2021 Comparison Guide to Selecting an Inflatable Kayak at AirKayaks

As the weather heats up in the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts turn to outdoor activities and “fun-in-the-sun.” If you’ve arrived at this blog article, you’re already intrigued with the idea of paddling across a lake, down a lazy river or along a coastline, and are looking into inflatable kayaks. Maybe you have limited space, want to pack into the back country, need lighter weight options or travel in an RV.  Regardless of the motivation, there are a myriad of choices which can be daunting.

To help you narrow down the field, AirKayaks has put together a table comparing our inflatable kayak options – the table is located at the bottom of this article. We have listed the following details – manufacturer, model name and stock number, price range, number of paddlers, kayak lengths, widths, weights, payloads, # of chambers, inflation pressures, design style, kayak type and whether a pump is included.

We have divided our inflatable kayak list into four sections sorted by price – Under $500; $500 to $749; $750 to $999; and $1000 and up.  Within each of those four sections, we have sorted by length.
AirKayaks originally posted this article in 2019 and 2020. We have updated it to reflect the kayak choices and changes for 2021.
To help you get going, we describe the attributes of each style first. For further information on inflatable kayak choices, benefits and definitions, please also see our popular guide to Choosing an Inflatable Kayak – What You Should Consider.
Enclosed Design Inflatable Kayaks

The enclosed hull design is similar to many hard shell kayaks; this is shown above in the Advanced Elements AE1044 AdvancedFrame DS-XL kayak.  The snugger cockpit design keeps excess water and wind from entering the kayak, and also less direct sun. Many of them have coamings (the gray tube in the photo above, encircling the cockpit) that allow you to attach a spray skirt.

What is a spray skirt? This is an accessory that attaches to the kayak around the coaming, and then again to your body (shown above on an Innova Swing). The function is to keep out even more wind and water.

Many of the enclosed decks can be zipped open for easy entry or to cool off, but the benefits of the enclosed design include the ability to kayak in windier and colder climates/situations (shown above, the Aquaglide Navarro series.)

A closed-design tandem can also be paddled solo, but it is not as balanced as the paddler must sit in the rear fixed cockpit, rather than the optimal position “just rear of center.” Typically, adding weight to the front will help balance out the kayak (as shown with Eddie sitting in the front cockpit of an Innova Swing 2 kayak).
Open Design Inflatable Kayaks:

This includes

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Finding Leaks & Options for Repairing a PVC Inflatable Kayak

Over the past 20 years, we’ve received many questions from customers on repairing inflatable kayaks, locating leaks or adding d-rings and mounts. Just recently, we stumbled across a great tech sheet put together by Aquaglide a manufacturer of inflatable kayaks, standup paddle boards, and a new Backwoods lightweight, packable kayak series. We are reprinting the tech sheet below – read on to find out how to locate a leak in an inflatable kayak, what materials and repair methods to use and when to use them. As long time retailers of inflatable kayaks and paddle boards, we have expanded this to include some of our own AirKayaks tips.
GENERAL PVC REPAIRS – updated 07/30/2020
NOTE: The following instructions are for patching a basic leak on a PVC inflatable, typically a puncture or cut. More complicated repairs such as those near seams and corners, may require special repair techniques which are beyond the scope of this article.
Some Helpful Items and Where to find them

Tear-Aid – Tear-Aid Type B is a self-adhesive patch material that’s widely available online and at nationwide retail outlets like Walmart, Ace Hardware, AirKayaks, REI and more. Great for relatively long-term repair of punctures on all types of PVC products. Clear, non-toxic and easy to use.

Aquaseal FD– This is a liquid sealant that can be oozed into very small cracks, edges and pinholes. Widely available online and at nationwide retail outlets. This stuff is a little messy to work with and may be best applied using a small plastic irrigation syringe from the drug or hardware store.

Shoe Goo, Clear– Yup, seriously. This is a very thick vinyl-based adhesive that can be used for quick, short-term plugging of small holes on low pressure items. Widely available online and at nationwide retail outlets like Walmart, Lowes, Walgreens, Dick’s, REI and more.
Fabric Reinforced PVC – Reinforced PVC, or tarpaulin, is commercial grade material that is the basis for most of Aquaglide’s Duratex products. The strongest and most durable repair for Duratex items is generally to patch with material of the same type. This material can be found in the repair kit included with your Aquaglide product or purchased from an Aquaglide distributor. In a pinch, similar material can be found online, or at marine stores where RIB dinghies or whitewater rafts are sold or serviced. If you go this route, DO NOT use patch material or glue intended for Hypalon, which looks almost identical, but will result in a gooey mess when combined with PVC.

Contact Adhesive– For those choosing to repair with a reinforced PVC patch (see above), using good glue is critical. We recommend HH-66 vinyl adhesive, which is available through Aquaglide, and also widely available online, through Walmart and many local auto

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Sneak Preview: Aquaglide’s New Blackfoot Angler Inflatable Kayaks for 2021

In late 2020 we posted information on Aquaglide’s upcoming new inflatable kayak line for 2021, consisting of 20 models for recreational, touring, fishing, whitewater/crossover and back-country. While twelve models remain the same, the Chelan and Blackfoot series were redesigned. We expanded the details in our Sneak Preview on the Aquaglide Chelan series, and we now turn to the updated Blackfoot fishing kayaks.

The Blackfoot Angler series for 2021 is comprised of the Blackfoot 130 – a single angler that can become a double with purchase of an optional seat – and the new Blackfoot 160 XL – a true tandem.
Just like the new Chelan series, the key words for the 2021 Blackfoots are comfort, performance and appointments, now featuring beefed-up graphics and even more storage options and gear attachments for a better fishing and paddling experience.

The previous Blackfoot 125 has been redesigned as a slightly longer 13 foot by 40 inch width Blackfoot Angler 130 for one paddler, but with space enough to outfit it as a double by adding an extra seat. A new BlackFoot Angler 160 – at a whopping 16 feet with 40 inch width – is a true tandem with all the bells and whistles and an 800 lb payload. The Blackfoot 110 solo has been retired.
Each of the new Blackfoots is constructed from Aquaglide’s commercial-grade Duratex material consisting of a lightweight, stiff and durable skin that dries easily. The high-pressure floor is covered with a diamond-cut EVA traction pad for secure footing and comfort while casting or standing.
Four threaded drain plugs can be opened or closed, dependent on the type of water action – open for self-draining in rough water or closed when in calm settings.

Front and rear splash decks with bungee lacing keep water out and gear intact.
The Blackfoots come standard with Aquaglide’s new High-Low Frame Seat with two seating options; the high setting offers better visibility and makes it easier to stand up when casting, while the low setting provides more stability in rougher waters. An adjustable, high backrest gives solid support, while the breathable fabric keeps one cooler. A storage shelf under the seat is perfect for tackle boxes while further storage options can be found on the seat back. As an added bonus – the seat can be removed, providing comfortable seating on the beach or around a campsite.

New Molle plates – as found on military backpacks and gear – are integrated onto the side tubes. Each can be used for attaching a multitude of aftermarket gadgets, such as first aid kits, multi-tool cases, waterproof gear pouches or Aquaglide’s optional, new, vertically-mounted cup holder. The Blackfoot series comes equipped with mesh storage pouches which attach to the molle plates.

A series of universal mounts on

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Aquaglide 2021 Inflatable Kayak Line – What’s New

We recently received information on Aquaglide’s upcoming new inflatable kayak line for 2021.

Originally a division of North Sports Inc, the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily to encompass water sports products such as commercial and residential water trampolines, tow toys, recreational water equipment and the highly popular Multisport 270 – an inflatable windsurf/sailboat/pull toy/kayak combo. North Sports was subsequently acquired by Connelly Skis, well known for their water skis and water sports equipment.
Now entering the eighth season, AquaGlide’s paddling line of inflatable kayaks and SUPs has dramatically expanded the options available to water enthusiasts looking for portability.

For 2021, Aquaglide continues with 20 models for recreational, touring, fishing, whitewater/crossover and backcountry. This includes the revamping of one model, overhaul of three models, the introduction of four models and the retirement of one model. Twelve models remain the same structurally and graphically, with some price increases.
Big changes include a redesigned Blackfoot Angler series and an overhaul of the Chelan touring line; neither of these were updated in 2020. But the biggest news is the introduction of a totally new category of Backwoods UltraLight kayaks, featuring 3 models weighing in at 7.5 lbs to 13 lbs.

The popular Blackfoot Angler series has undergone a major overhaul and now features the Blackfoot 130 and Blackfoot 160 true tandem.

The Blackfoot 125 has been redesigned as a slightly longer 13 foot by 40 inch width Blackfoot Angler 130 for one paddler, but with space enough to outfit it as a double by adding an extra seat. A new BlackFoot Angler 160 – at a whopping 16 feet with 40 inch width – is a true tandem with all the bells and whistles and an 800 lb payload. The Blackfoot 110 solo has been retired.

Besides beefed up graphics, new features include a series of low tie-down loops on the floor and side molle plates to provide numerous options for attaching gear. EVA foam traction pads on the floor offer better grip and comfort when standing.

The Blackfoots come standard with Aquaglide’s new high-low Frame Seat which features a shelf under the seat for stashing gear.  Street prices on the Blackfoot 130 increased to $1199.99 while the Blackfoot 160 retails for $1499.99.

The Chelan touring series, comprised of the Chelan 120 single and Chelan 140 and Chelan 155 XL tandems, have undergone major upgrades. While each of the kayaks still feature high pressure floors and Duratex tubeless construction, the color and graphics have undergone a total facelift as well as a structural redesign. The Chelan silhouette is now more refined with a lowered nose rocker, providing better tracking and paddling performance.

Each of the Chelans now feature an integrated universal mount on the floor in front of each seat as well as side

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2021 Red Paddle Company Inflatable SUP Boards – What’s New

We recently received details on Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP lineup being introduced for 2021. Red Paddle Company inflatable boards are well-known throughout the world for their ruggedness, innovation and performance – each Red board is the result of rigorous quality assurance during the 72 hours of build time. Red Paddle Co’s private board facility is touted to be completely waste free with all materials being reused or recycled.

Throughout the past 13 years, Red Paddle Co has been the industry leader, racking up numerous awards throughout the product line, including Gear of the Year from Outside, Men’s Journal and Backpacker magazines. Innovative features include the game-changing Titan dual action pump, Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion material technology, Rocker Side Stiffening (RSS) system, the Forward Flex Control (FFC) nose rod on the racing boards and the Compact low-profile boards.

In 2020, Red Paddle Company raised the bar by offering an unheard-of 5 year warranty on all Red Paddle boards (with product registration), the result of the Red Paddle TEC quality assurance program. They also introduced the Compact Sport 11. Like it’s smaller sibling the Compact 9’6″, the Sport Compact rolls up to half the size of a standard inflatable paddle board, perfect for larger paddlers.

Red Paddle’s philosophy? If you plan on taking to the water on an inflatable board then you need a super durable board that is up for the challenge. And if you haven’t seen them, the Red Paddle endurance videos – pitting Red Paddle boards against teens, dogs, tractors, big rigs, martial arts and more – are definitely a testament to durability.

The 2021 Red Paddle Co product line continues with 20 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10″ to to 22’0.″ This includes revamped graphics unifying the product line appearance while keeping subtle differentiations between paddling categories, as well as added features on many models. Three models have been retired and one reinvented. Prices are remaining the same.
Across the line, several new features have popped up.

The standard bungee deck lacing has been replaced with a cleaner-looking, self-closing, flat bungee system with 6-point attachment. The straps are now larger, creating more tension which helps your gear stay in place.

The deck pads have been extended and now wrap slightly around the board edge. This increases the grip and gives a cleaner look.

While the Red Paddle tech-valve system remains the same, the valves are now color-coordinated to blend in with the board deck pads.

Carrying handles are now tubular, making them more ergonomic, easier to grip and more comfortable.
On boards featuring the RSS Rocker Stiffening System – Ride 9-8, Sports, single Voyagers, Elites, Dragon and Whip – the fiberglass battens have been remodeled. Now in a day-glo

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Product Review: StraitEdge2 Pro High Pressure Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements of Benicia, California recently introduced one of two new kayaks for the 2020 product year. The AE3027 StraitEdge2 Pro is a redesign and upgrade to the long-standing, AE1014 Advanced Elements Straitedge2 inflatable kayak for one or two paddlers.

The new AE3027 Straitedge2 Pro features the identical kayak materials and construction as the earlier AE1014, but with upgraded accessories and features. The Straitedge2 Pro now comes with a 4-6 PSI drop stitch floor, rather than the standard 1 PSI PVC floor. The increased floor rigidity enhances the paddling experience with better tracking and glide.
The Straitedge2 Pro arrived this past month so we took the opportunity – during a brief break in the heat spell – to put it through its paces. Here are details on the Advanced Elements Straitedge2 Pro AE3027, a 13 foot inflatable kayak for one or two paddlers weighing in at roughly 42 lbs.
Getting Started with the Straitedge2 Pro
The box as received weighs 59 lbs, measuring 39 x 21 x 13 inches.

A rugged, oversized, backpack-style carrying case (4.5 lbs) houses the kayak body with integrated floor (34 lbs), high-backed lumbar seats (2.5 lbs each), 2 sets of foot pegs, 2 rod holders, repair kit, fin and instructions. The kayak in the backpack with seats and parts weighs in at 45 lbs total.
Straitedge2 Pro Setup/Inflatation
We began by reading the manual, which gives excellent explanations on inflation, seating, peg installation. And here we come to AirKayak’s Tip #1: No matter how excited you are, take a good look at how the kayak is folded before you set the kayak up, so that you can get it back into the carrying case.

First step, unpack and unfold the kayak. (Please note: We will repeat some of the details previously mentioned in other writeups.)

Inside the bag are four identical plastic pegs, each with a foot pad, a lever and a number of holes – these are the foot pegs. By pressing on the lever, the foot pad can be moved forward and backward, locking into one of the openings.

Open the kayak body fully and you will see a series of 6 cloth pockets and tubes on each inner side – these are for the three seating positions. The first and third set are for tandem paddling while the second (middle) set is for solo paddling.

Point the peg with foot pad facing the paddler, and lever facing the bow. Insert the paddler-side end into the first loop, pushing back enough to then push the bow-end of the peg into the pocket. As these are tight, it is easiest to position it in the opening and then push on the foot pad to get it to slide all the way in.
Continue with the opposite

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Product Review: New 10-12 PSI Hi-Pressure AirVolution2 Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements of Benicia, California recently introduced two exciting new kayaks as precursors to the 2021 season – the AirVolutions. What makes them so special? The AirVolution solo and AirVolution2 tandem are constructed entirely from dropstitch material. With just two inflation chambers, and inflation pressures of 10 to 12 PSI, the kayaks are extremely rigid.

We initially posted a Sneak Preview on a pre-production sample of the solo AirVolution.
The Airvolution production models arrived this past week so we took the opportunity to check them out. Here are details on the Advanced Elements AirVolution2 AE3030 (Patent Pending), a 14.5 foot high-pressure inflatable kayak weighing in at roughly 52 lbs.
Getting Started with the AirVolution2
The box as received weighs 68 lbs, measuring 45 x 23 x 15 inches.

Inside, is a super-sized, backpack-style carrying case with wheels (7 lbs) , kayak body (47 lbs), 2 EVA seats (2.2 lbs each), pump with gauge (3.25 lbs), tracking fin (0.45 lbs), cinch belts, repair kit (0.8 lbs) and instructions. The kayak with backpack and parts weighs in at 62 lbs, while the kayak body with seats is 52 lbs. The folded kayak size is roughly 44 x 18 x 10 inches.
We began by reading the manual. This includes pump set-up, inflation, deflation, folding, repairs and troubleshooting. And here we come to AirKayak’s Tip #1: No matter how excited you are, take a good look at how the kayak is folded before you set the kayak up, so that you can get it back into the carrying case.

First step, unfold the kayak.

The Advanced Elements AirVolution2 utilizes two main military valves for inflation, similar to the ones found on many standup paddle boards. These are very simple to use and feature an inflate mode (spring plunger is UP) and a deflate mode (spring plunger is DOWN). By using your finger to gently push on the plunger, it can be moved to the inflate mode (air goes in and doesn’t come back out) and deflate mode (air goes in and comes back out). Before you go to all the effort of inflating the kayak, PLEASE make sure the plunger is in the inflate position.

Next, set up the pump. The AirVolution2 comes with a very nifty, collapsible, dual-action pump with built-in pressure gauge. First step, attach the feet.

The bottom of the pump barrel features tabs that match up to slots on the feet; if you look carefully, you will see that two of the slots are longer than the third – meaning the foot will only go on one way. Line up the tabs, push the barrel into the foot and then twist to lock into position. Attach the hose to the side that says Inflate (there is also a Deflate

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Product Review: Kokopelli Moki Inflatable High Pressure Kayak with Deck

We recently posted our Sneak Preview on the new series of Moki inflatable kayaks from Kokopelli Packraft – two exciting new models we’ve seen for 2020. What’s so special? The new Moki Series expands the Kokopelli product line, providing a traditional paddling experience.

Last month, the 2020 models started rolling in. We began the series with the new 13.6 lbs XPD, so we now turn to the high-pressure Moki inflatable kayak, a 12 ft 2-inch model with zip-off deck and spray skirt.
Getting Started with the Kokopelli Moki Inflatable Kayak

We unpacked the box and laid out the pieces – inflatable kayak body with high pressure floor, EVA seat, removable deck, spray skirt, foot brace, coaming tube, pump with gauge, repair kit, roller backpack, fin, deck rod, repair kit and instructions. The fin and the repair kit are found in a pocket inside the backpack.
Boxed up, the dimensions are 36 x 25 x 15 inches with a shipping weight of 58 lbs. The kayak weighs 33 lbs with the seat, floor, brace and fin – add another 1.75 lbs for the deck and 1 lb for the coaming and spray skirt. All packed up in the bag, everything weighs 46 lbs. The folded kayak size is 29 x 21 x 9 inches.
The generic instructions for Kokopelli’s inflatable kayak series include inflation and deflation techniques, deck, seat and skirt installation, but lack details on actual set up; we will outline the steps we took, below. In general, set up is straight-forward – unpack, unfold, inflate.

The first step is to unfold the kayak.

The Kokopelli Moki utilizes three main GRI push-push valves for inflation. These are very simple to use and feature an inflate mode (spring plunger is UP) and a deflate mode (spring plunger is DOWN). By using your finger to gently push on the plunger, it can be moved to the inflate mode (air goes in and doesn’t come back out) and deflate mode (air goes in and comes back out). Before you go to all the effort of inflating the board, PLEASE make sure the plunger is in the inflate position.

Next, set up the pump – this is not mentioned in the instructions. The Moki comes with a very nifty, collapsible, dual-action Nano pump and built-in pressure gauge. Fold down the feet and attach the hose to the side that says Inflate (there is also a Deflate side). There are two pieces of plastic tubes in the plastic packaging – these are screw on handles. Unfortunately, there is no place to attach/store the handles when removed so you may want to buy a mesh laundry bag to keep everything together. Or, don’t even bother attaching the handles as the pump is pretty easy

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Sneak Preview – New 12 PSI AirVolution Dropstitch Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

During one of our many trips to Advanced Elements earlier this year, we were invited to take a look at an upcoming new product.

Wow! Our first view of the AirVolution prototypes, Advanced Elements’ new 12-14 PSI high-pressure, dropstitch inflatable kayaks. The series consist of the 13′ AirVolution solo and the 14’6″ AirVolution2 tandem.

Advanced Elements subsequently send us a preproduction sample of the AirVolution single to test out.

Our first take on the AirVolution? This is a wonderful addition to the recreational flatwater paddling niche. It’s a rugged, stable, simple-to-setup kayak that paddles well – and it looks great!

The entire kayak is innovatively constructed using PVC Tarpaulin laminated to high-pressure drop-stitch material – this gives a smoother finish, increased rigidity and a sculpted outline for greater paddling performance. The v-shaped hull design in the bow and removable deep-water fin increase tracking performance, allowing the AirVolution to slice through the water.
Drop-stitch (DS) material is the same used in the inflatable paddle board market, where thousands of threads string the top and bottom panels together, allowing it to be pumped up to higher pressures, thus making it more rigid.

With only two chambers to inflate, the new AirVolution high-pressure inflatable kayak features a streamlined set up procedure, allowing one to get out on the water quickly. Two pressure relief valves ensure the kayak is not overinflated, releasing at roughly 18 PSI.

The open-deck design provides ease-of-entry, while a drain well with plug ensures that you stay drier.

The sculpted EVA foam seat can be ratcheted four-ways, providing maximum support, adjustability and comfort.

Front and rear bungee deck lacing provide plenty of options to attach gear, yet there are still options for storing small items under the decks
We took the AirVolution out for a maiden voyage. Both of us felt the kayak paddled and tracked well, was rugged and incredibly stable. The sculpted hull allows water to drain off, and the smooth skin is very easy to dry. Everything in the package looks great, from the graphics and sculpted silhouette to the EVA-foam molded seat and included accessories.

At 5’4″, I found that moving the seat up 12 inches from the rear well allowed me to be balanced and use the front deck as a foot brace. I also was able to easily stand up.

At 6’2″, my husband had the seat all the way to the back. While his knees were slightly bent, he actually prefers that position when paddling. Since I know we will get asked this, for reference we measured the seat back to the front deck as 45 to 46″. With “water socks” on, he was able to lay his legs down flat. So, I would feel comfortable saying the AirVolution can be paddled by customers up

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