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2021 Red Paddle Company Inflatable SUP Boards – What’s New

We recently received details on Red Paddle Co’s inflatable SUP lineup being introduced for 2021. Red Paddle Company inflatable boards are well-known throughout the world for their ruggedness, innovation and performance – each Red board is the result of rigorous quality assurance during the 72 hours of build time. Red Paddle Co’s private board facility is touted to be completely waste free with all materials being reused or recycled.

Throughout the past 13 years, Red Paddle Co has been the industry leader, racking up numerous awards throughout the product line, including Gear of the Year from Outside, Men’s Journal and Backpacker magazines. Innovative features include the game-changing Titan dual action pump, Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) fusion material technology, Rocker Side Stiffening (RSS) system, the Forward Flex Control (FFC) nose rod on the racing boards and the Compact low-profile boards.

In 2020, Red Paddle Company raised the bar by offering an unheard-of 5 year warranty on all Red Paddle boards (with product registration), the result of the Red Paddle TEC quality assurance program. They also introduced the Compact Sport 11. Like it’s smaller sibling the Compact 9’6″, the Sport Compact rolls up to half the size of a standard inflatable paddle board, perfect for larger paddlers.

Red Paddle’s philosophy? If you plan on taking to the water on an inflatable board then you need a super durable board that is up for the challenge. And if you haven’t seen them, the Red Paddle endurance videos – pitting Red Paddle boards against teens, dogs, tractors, big rigs, martial arts and more – are definitely a testament to durability.

The 2021 Red Paddle Co product line continues with 20 models for surfing, whitewater, recreation, touring and racing, ranging in size from 8’10″ to to 22’0.″ This includes revamped graphics unifying the product line appearance while keeping subtle differentiations between paddling categories, as well as added features on many models. Three models have been retired and one reinvented. Prices are remaining the same.
Across the line, several new features have popped up.

The standard bungee deck lacing has been replaced with a cleaner-looking, self-closing, flat bungee system with 6-point attachment. The straps are now larger, creating more tension which helps your gear stay in place.

The deck pads have been extended and now wrap slightly around the board edge. This increases the grip and gives a cleaner look.

While the Red Paddle tech-valve system remains the same, the valves are now color-coordinated to blend in with the board deck pads.

Carrying handles are now tubular, making them more ergonomic, easier to grip and more comfortable.
On boards featuring the RSS Rocker Stiffening System – Ride 9-8, Sports, single Voyagers, Elites, Dragon and Whip – the fiberglass battens have been remodeled. Now in a day-glo

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Sneak Preview – New 12 PSI AirVolution Dropstitch Inflatable Kayak from Advanced Elements

During one of our many trips to Advanced Elements earlier this year, we were invited to take a look at an upcoming new product.

Wow! Our first view of the AirVolution prototypes, Advanced Elements’ new 12-14 PSI high-pressure, dropstitch inflatable kayaks. The series consist of the 13′ AirVolution solo and the 14’6″ AirVolution2 tandem.

Advanced Elements subsequently send us a preproduction sample of the AirVolution single to test out.

Our first take on the AirVolution? This is a wonderful addition to the recreational flatwater paddling niche. It’s a rugged, stable, simple-to-setup kayak that paddles well – and it looks great!

The entire kayak is innovatively constructed using PVC Tarpaulin laminated to high-pressure drop-stitch material – this gives a smoother finish, increased rigidity and a sculpted outline for greater paddling performance. The v-shaped hull design in the bow and removable deep-water fin increase tracking performance, allowing the AirVolution to slice through the water.
Drop-stitch (DS) material is the same used in the inflatable paddle board market, where thousands of threads string the top and bottom panels together, allowing it to be pumped up to higher pressures, thus making it more rigid.

With only two chambers to inflate, the new AirVolution high-pressure inflatable kayak features a streamlined set up procedure, allowing one to get out on the water quickly. Two pressure relief valves ensure the kayak is not overinflated, releasing at roughly 18 PSI.

The open-deck design provides ease-of-entry, while a drain well with plug ensures that you stay drier.

The sculpted EVA foam seat can be ratcheted four-ways, providing maximum support, adjustability and comfort.

Front and rear bungee deck lacing provide plenty of options to attach gear, yet there are still options for storing small items under the decks
We took the AirVolution out for a maiden voyage. Both of us felt the kayak paddled and tracked well, was rugged and incredibly stable. The sculpted hull allows water to drain off, and the smooth skin is very easy to dry. Everything in the package looks great, from the graphics and sculpted silhouette to the EVA-foam molded seat and included accessories.

At 5’4″, I found that moving the seat up 12 inches from the rear well allowed me to be balanced and use the front deck as a foot brace. I also was able to easily stand up.

At 6’2″, my husband had the seat all the way to the back. While his knees were slightly bent, he actually prefers that position when paddling. Since I know we will get asked this, for reference we measured the seat back to the front deck as 45 to 46″. With “water socks” on, he was able to lay his legs down flat. So, I would feel comfortable saying the AirVolution can be paddled by customers up

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Sneak Preview: Moki and Moki-Lite 6PSI Inflatable Kayaks from Kokopelli Packraft

We recently received a pre-production version of Kokopelli’s newest model, the Moki-Lite high-pressure inflatable kayak. The 10’3″ Moki-Lite is one of two crossover kayaks introduced by Kokopelli, joining the longer 13′ Moki for the 2020 paddling season.

Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. of Denver, Colorado entered the packraft market in 2014, beginning with a handful of models. This year’s lineup consists of five packraft models – Nirvana Self-Bailing, Nirvana Spray Deck, Twain tandem, Rogue and Rogue-Lite – weighing from 5.4 to 14 lbs – as well as their beefier PVC series – the Recon and new XPD (see our Sneak Preview on the XPD which currently is featured in a Kickstarter campaign). Both PVC models are geared towards more rugged use and weigh-in at 13 to 18 lbs.

The new Moki Series fill in a gap in the Kokopelli product line. We were able to test out a sample of both kayaks – the Moki-Lite a few weeks ago and the Moki last fall.

Our first take on the Moki-Lite? It fills a niche for recreational flatwater paddling that is portable, feature-rich and fun to paddle. It’s rugged, simple to set up, easy to get into, lightweight and zippy.

Features include a dropstitch floor, push-push valves, removable tracking fin, adjustable foot brace, extremely comfortable EVA seat with storage, bungee deck-lacing, paddle holders and d-rings for attaching gear.  The Moki-Lite features a 6 PSI high-pressure floor with 3 PSI side tubes. At less than 10 minutes to set up, the launch time can be cut in half by utilizing Kokopelli’s optional new Feather pump for initial inflation.
Graphics look good and the complete package is well-thought out, from an easily installed fin to the very nifty included pump. The Nano pump is a slim-barrel, dual-action pump with gauge, but was so easy to use in double-action mode that I didn’t try it in single action. The pump body is small, and features fold-up feet and screw-off handles, making it very easy to store.

At 26 lbs for the kayak and seat, it’s easily carried with the included wheeled backpack. We measured the kayak at 10’3″ in length, 32″ in width with a 15-inch interior. MSRP for the Moki-Lite Package is $699 with pump, gauge and backpack.

Large paddlers, or those needing more enclosed options, may be interested in Kokopelli’s other new model, the Moki, (shown above) a slightly larger version with the ability to use an optional zip-on deck with coaming for more enclosure or an optional spray skirt.

Just like the Moki-Lite, the Moki is easy to set up, tracks well, and is fun to paddle.  Features also include a dropstitch floor, open cockpit design, HR military valves, tracking fin, integrated bungee deck-lacing and storage areas. The Moki also comes

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Sneak Preview: Red Paddle Co’s Ultra-Packable 11’0″ Compact Sport Inflatable SUP Package

Red Paddle Co has introduced their new 11’0″ Compact Sport Inflatable SUP Package, the second in a series of super-portable, lightweight, packable inflatable SUP packages. The 11’0″ Compact Sport joins the 9’6″ Compact in the Red Paddle line up, offering a longer length and increased carrying capacity of 242 lbs.

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Rugged New Kokopelli XPD Inflatable Packraft

One of the exciting new models we’ve seen for 2020 is Kokopelli Packraft’s rugged XPD Packraft, featuring a beefed up hull which can be inflated to higher pressures of 2 to 3 PSI.

This week, Kokopelli launched a Kickstarter Campaign to boost awareness of the XPD, which is expected to arrive later this spring.

What’s so special? While the XPD packraft is based on the Kokopelli Rogue-Lite profile, the XPD features a more beefed-up construction for rigorous use on flat water and lakes through Class II. The hull is constructed from a reinforced 0.9mm (1000 denier) PVC, yet still packs down to the size of a large sleeping bag, roughly 22 x 12 x 8 inches in size. The XPD sports GRI push-push military valves, rather than the Leafield D4 valves found on the previous packrafts. Dimensions are the same as the popular Rogue Lite at 85 by 37 inches, but weighs in at 13 lbs with a payload of 300 lbs.
We were able to see an initial model last fall, when Kokopelli’s Sales Manager – Andrew Duran – flew a prototype out to California for us to test out.

Our first take on the XPD? It fills a niche for recreational flatwater paddling that is portable and fun. It’s rugged, very simple to set up, easy to get into, lightweight and zippy. As someone once said, “It turns on a dime and gives you back change.”
The open design is perfect for those who have physical disabilities or dislike being enclosed. It is easily paddled by large and small (my 6’2″ husband in the XPD above) older and younger, and it’s rugged enought to hand over to the kids or to take a furry companion.

And it’s just heavy enough to seat itself in the water, yet – at 13 lbs – light enough to toss around. Check out the following video:

The XPD will be available in two colors – red and green – both with and without tizip. MSRP is $749 and $899 respectively.
See the Kokopelli Packraft XPD Kickstarter Campaign, and also check out our wordpress blog on the Kokopelli Packraft 2020 Product Line.

We also have a limited amount of past season 2019 Kokopelli Packraft models at 15% off, with prices as low as $699 with a free paddle.
The XPDs are expected to be available at AirKayaks.com in late spring. Need more info? Feel free to Contact Us or give us a call at 707-998-0135.

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The 2020 Inflatable Kayak & SUP Market – What’s New

We begin 2020 with a look at some of the upcoming new inflatable kayak and SUP models that will be arriving at AirKayaks in the next few months.
Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements will be introducing the StraitEdge 2 Pro – a 13-foot, high-pressure model for solo or tandem paddling. Weighing in at 41 lbs with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, the new StraitEdge 2 Pro features a more open design and more interior space. The Pro comes with open/close self-bailing ports, two foot peg systems, high-backed lumbar seats with padded bases and a backpack. MSRP is $999. Look for this in March.
For 2020, Aquaglide’s inflatable kayak line has undergone a major redesign, with the retirement of 6 models, a facelift for 3 models, and the introduction of 7 new models.

The Columbia, Klickitat and Rogue models have been retired. The Klickitat self-bailers will be replaced with the McKenzie whitewater line.

The Columbia line has been replaced with the Navarros. Available in three models – two singles (Navarro 110 and Navarro 130) and a double (Navarro 145) – the recreational line now sports high-pressure floors as well as enclosed decks. The two larger models have removable deck options. Prices are $599.99, $699.99 and $799.99 respectively.

The Chinook series has a new look and color scheme, with increased pricing on the two larger models.

The new Deschutes line features three models – Deschutes 110 and Deschutes 130 single kayaks and the Deschutes 145 tandem. The Deschutes are an innovative line consisting of simple-to-setup, lightweight, recreational kayaks that are easy to dry and more packable. MSRP is $599, $699 and $799 respectively.

The entry-level, sporty little Noyo rounds out the line at $379.99
The paddle board line remains the same, except for the removal of the Cascade 11 WindSup.
The new kayaks will be arriving in late January through March. For further details on the new kayaks and changes, see our article AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2020.
Hala Gear
There are no changes to the Hala inflatable SUP line for 2020 – Hala operates on a two-year design run, so look for updates in 2021.
2019 featured major changes to Innova Kayak, with many models crossing over to the rugged Nitrilon material. For 2020, the Innova kayak linueup remains the same except for the introduction of two new models.

The Innova Rush and Rush II inflatable kayaks feature high-pressure, dropstitch floors and removable decks. The 11’8″ Rush solo is similar in design to the current Swings. The 13’9″ Rush Tandem can be paddled solo or double and features an optional removable single or double deck. Prices are $899 and $1429 respectively. The optional decks range from $229 to $329.
Further details on the Rush can be seen in this video:

Kokopelli Packraft
For 2020,

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AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2020

We recently received details on AquaGlide’s inflatable kayak and paddle board product line for 2020.

Originally a division of North Sports Inc, the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily to encompass water sports products such as commercial and residential water trampolines, tow toys, recreational water equipment and the highly popular Multisport 270 – an inflatable windsurf/sailboat/pull toy/kayak combo.
Last summer, the North Sports product line, including the AquaGlide series, was purchased by Connelly Skis of Lynwood, Washington. Established in 1965, Connelly Skis is well known for their water skis and water sports equipment.

Now entering the seventh season, AquaGlide’s paddling line of inflatable kayaks and SUPs has dramatically expanded the options available to water enthusiasts looking for portability.

For 2020, the AquaGlide inflatable kayak line has undergone a major redesign, with the retirement of 6 models, a facelift for 3 models, and the introduction of 7 new models. The paddle board line remains the same, except for the removal of the Cascade 11 WindSup.

Biggest news is the introduction of two new series, the Deschutes and the Navarros. The Deschutes consist of simple-to-setup, lightweight, recreational kayaks while the Navarros are high pressure models with the ability to use zip-in spray decks for enclosed solo or tandem paddling.

The Deschutes line features three kayak models with Aquaglide’s innovative new “feather” frame. The kayaks are constructed with Duratex fabric-reinforced PVC main chambers and a non-removable, non-inflatable EVA foam floor. Integrated, inflatable cross piece(s) provide structural stability. This results in a kayak that is very easy to inflate (two main chambers and thwart), lighter weight (no separate floor), very easy to dry and more packable. Other features include a removable tracking fin, military valves, rear storage well, Core 2.0 seat, splash guards, molded handles, bungee lacing and drain wells.

The Deschutes 110 is for solo paddling, measuring 11 feet by 34 inches with a 300 lb payload and three chambers (2 side chambers and a thwart). Retail price is $599.99.

The Deschutes 130 is a roomier single for larger paddlers or those needing room for gear. With a 13 foot waterline, 39″ width and three chambers (2 side chambers and a thwart), the Deschutes 130 is capable of carrying 400 lbs. MSRP is $699.99

The Deschutes 145 is set up for tandem paddling, with a 14.5 foot length, 40 inch width and a capacity of 600 lbs. There are four inflation chambers – two sides and two thwarts. MSRP is $799.99.

AquaGlide’s Navarro series consists of three high-pressure recreational decked models. The Navarro’s feature 600 denier ripstop shells, 6 PSI floors, Boston and military valves, bungee deck lacing, integrated storage hatches, paddle holders, removable tracking fins, Core 2.0 seats, cockpit drain, molded handles and the ability to use a spray skirt.

The Navarro 110 is

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10 Neat Fishing Gifts for a Kayaking Angler

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Searching for gifts for a fishing kayaker? Here are 10 nifty gift ideas, sure to make any angler enthusiast happy. We’ve updated this for the 2019 holiday season!
1) Seattle Sports Digi Wallet & Audio Case – $6.95
Two compartments with two levels of protection for phones or personal items while on or near the water. The wallet side is waterproof and totally protects phones, cameras, MP3 players, money, credit cards and personal items – you can even talk, text and manage music right through the case. Features a headphone pass-through port with audio capability for your smartphone or MP3 player.

2) Advanced Elements Folding Anchor System – $33.95
The 3 lb. Anchor System is a unique folding/locking 4-fluke design. It is great for use with kayaks and canoes, and holds well on most types of bottoms – from sand to rock. The galvanized anchor has a sliding collar which keeps the flukes drawn up tight against the shank when stowed, and then drops to lock the flukes open when deployed. It is easy to remove the anchor from the water – simply pull and stow!

3) Accessory Frame Mounting System from Advanced Elements – $59.95
Retrofit your inflatable or hardshell kayak for fishing, video and photography with an accessory bar! Once installed, add any aftermarket 1” rail-mounts, and customize most kayaks with rod holders, a fish finder, camcorder, cameras or other equipment. The Accessory Frame bar consists of three pieces of anodized aluminum with push-pin construction; once in position, the push pins keep the bar from sliding out, but allow for easy dismantling.
4) Seattle Sports Catch Cooler 20 Fishing Bag – $59.95.
The Seattle Sports 20-inch deck-side coolers offer super-convenient access for stowing and keeping your catch fresh during a day on the water. Reel one in from your kayak or SUP board with easy attachment points and low profile design. Also available in 32″ size.

5) AquaGlide Blackfoot Kayak Fishing and Beverage – $69.95
Carry your fishing supplies or picnic lunch while out on the water! The Blackfoot Fishing Cooler is perfect for carrying supplies or perishables while out kayaking. With 9 quarts (8.5 liters) of lined and insulated storage space, the Fishing Cooler can hold up to 24 chilled 120z cans with ice. Includes four extended rodholders, 2 side zipper pockets, large front pocket with flap and a clear map/license pocket organizes your gear.

6) MTI Calcutta Universal Size Fishing PFD – $89.95
For paddlers, anglers, naturalists and birdwatchers who love pockets! This 30-56″ chest “all-person-fit” jacket is all-equipped for kayak fishing! Sized to fit slim to super-sized torsos, with cool open sides and adjustable front buckle straps that can be loosened for quick ventilation. Five pockets for holding all sorts

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Sale! 20% off NRS/Star Inflatables Kayaks, SUPs and Gear

The NRS/Star Inflatables Super Holiday Day 20% Off Sale starts now at AirKayaks.

Get 20% off all in-stock NRS or Star Inflatable kayaks, paddle boards; life vests and gear during the Super Holiday Day Sale from November 15th through December 2nd.

Shop early for the best selection, with life vests starting at $47.96 and kayaks as low as $596. Free US shipping via UPS ground on orders over $398.
Visit the NRS/Star Inflatables product pages at www.AirKayaks.com for details or to purchase.

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2020 Kokopelli Inflatable Packraft Product Line – What’s New

During the 2019 Paddlesports Retailer show in Oklahoma City, Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. unveiled their 2020 lineup of inflatable packrafts and gear.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “packrafts” are loosely defined as an inflatable raft weighing under 10 lbs, that can easily be packed/rolled up, making them a great choice for accessing remote locations. While the sport originated in Alaska, the popularity is rapidly expanding globally.
Kokopelli Outdoor Inc. of Denver, Colorado entered the packraft market in 2014, beginning with a handful of models. Last year’s Kokopelli line-up consisted of three Lake series – the Hornet Lite, Castaway XL and the Twain Tandem; three Whitewater models – the Nirvana Self-bailing, Nirvana Spray Deck and the beefy Recon; and two Adventure models – Rogue and Rogue Lite.

For 2020, Kokopelli continues to streamline their current packrafts as well as expand into the inflatable kayak market, with the addition of two new models, graphic updates, some material changes and pricing increases.

The biggest change is in the Lake series with the introduction of Kokopelli’s first inflatable kayak – the Moki – designed to fill-in gaps to the product line.

The Moki is a high-pressure kayak designed for flatwater paddling through Class II. Features include a dropstitch floor, open cockpit design, HR military valves, tracking fin, integrated bungee deck-lacing and storage areas, and the option for a zip-on deck with coaming for spray skirts. The Moki comes with a carrying bag, Nano pump with gauge and repair kit.

The Moki I measures 12 feet by 37 inches, weighs in at 32 lbs with a 500 lb payload, and can take an optional single deck for more enclosed paddling. MSRP is $799 for the kayak and $149.95 for the spraydeck.
The Castaway XL has been retired, while the Twain remains as the only tandem packraft. The Twain will be available in both the yellow and green-gray colors. Prices will be increasing to $1250 base and $1400 with tizip.

The 2020 Adventure series now consists of three models – Rogue, Rogue-Lite, and the new XPD Packraft. While the XPD packraft is based on the Rogue-Lite profile, the XPD features a more beefed-up construction for rigorous use on flat water and lakes through Class II. The hull is constructed from a reinforced 0.7mm PVC, yet still packs down to the size of a large sleeping bag. The XPD sports HR military valves, rather than the Leafield D4 valves found on the previous packrafts. XPD dimensions are the same as the Rogue Lite at 85 by 37 inches, but weighs in at 13 lbs with a payload of 300 lbs. The XPD will be available in two colors – red and green. MSRP is $749.

There are no major changes to the Rogue-Lite or Rogue packrafts.

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