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Product Review: Tahe Sport 10’6 Beach SUP-YAK Inflatable Paddle Board

We recently received news on the upcoming TAHE Sport inflatable SUP and kayak line for 2021.
Better known in the US under the BIC Sport name, the TAHE brand is a union of BIC Sport and Tahe Outdoors.

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Sneak Preview: Pau Hana 10’10” SOLO Backcountry Inflatable Backpacking SUP

Earlier this year we received news of an innovative new inflatable paddle board from Pau Hana Surf Co. – the 10’10” Solo Backcountry. The Solo SUP is a “hikeable” air SUP that fits inside a small backpack weighing in at 23 lbs for the complete package.

Based out of California, since 2006 Pau Hana Surf Supply has been a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative stand up paddle boards. The Hawaiian phrase “Pau Hana” means “the time after work” and for Pau Hana’s founder and designer, Todd Caranto, it’s all about the spirit of play on the water.
While Pau Hana manufactures both hard shells and air sups, the eight inflatable models range in size from 9’6″ to 15’0″, spanning water activities of yoga, surfing, party paddling, racing and fishing – and now backpacking and bike packing.

Pau Hana’s dream was to break down the access barriers to paddling in remote locations by designing an entire paddle board kit – board, paddle, pump, leash, fins and backpack/drybag – which could easily be hiked/biked into the back country.

The result of the redesign created a package that is truly an example of the “whole is the sum of the parts.” Enter the Pau Hana 10’10’ Solo Backcountry – a portable, full-length air SUP replete with gear, that fits into a dry bag/backpack measuring 22 x 12 x 13 inches and weighing in at 23 lbs. The Pau Hana 10’10” SOLO Backcountry now joins the ranks of the popular inflatable packrafts with a paddling alternative – the pack sup.

What’s so special? Beginning with the board, the Solo 10-10 is constructed from an ultra-light dropstitch material. What is dropstitch? An inner core consists of two pieces of fabric held together with thousands of threads, creating an inflatable with the structure and rigidity to be pumped up to 15 PSI.

While one can easily save weight by removing features, the SOLO doesn’t skimp on whiz-bangs, with enough features to enhance the paddling experience.

Two 6″ quick snap-in fins easily connect to the board to provide tracking. The fin boxes are placed on both sides of the board, allowing one to fold the board in half for smaller storage.

There is one military valve for inflation.

Bungee deck lacing on the nose and tail provide numerous places to attach gear

A soft neoprene handle provides a comfortable grip while carrying the board.

The SOLO mini pump features feet and handles that can be unscrewed to create a smaller package.

The new, patented SOLO “soft” paddle may be a game changer. Driven by the challenge to reduce bulk, the paddle is a lightweight fiberglass shaft with a “rollable” soft PVC blade and consists of an adjustable handle, 3 shaft pieces and 2 connectors.  The paddle has been

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2021 Comparison Guide to Selecting an Inflatable Kayak at AirKayaks

As the weather heats up in the Northern Hemisphere, thoughts turn to outdoor activities and “fun-in-the-sun.” If you’ve arrived at this blog article, you’re already intrigued with the idea of paddling across a lake, down a lazy river or along a coastline, and are looking into inflatable kayaks. Maybe you have limited space, want to pack into the back country, need lighter weight options or travel in an RV.  Regardless of the motivation, there are a myriad of choices which can be daunting.

To help you narrow down the field, AirKayaks has put together a table comparing our inflatable kayak options – the table is located at the bottom of this article. We have listed the following details – manufacturer, model name and stock number, price range, number of paddlers, kayak lengths, widths, weights, payloads, # of chambers, inflation pressures, design style, kayak type and whether a pump is included.

We have divided our inflatable kayak list into four sections sorted by price – Under $500; $500 to $749; $750 to $999; and $1000 and up.  Within each of those four sections, we have sorted by length.
AirKayaks originally posted this article in 2019 and 2020. We have updated it to reflect the kayak choices and changes for 2021.
To help you get going, we describe the attributes of each style first. For further information on inflatable kayak choices, benefits and definitions, please also see our popular guide to Choosing an Inflatable Kayak – What You Should Consider.
Enclosed Design Inflatable Kayaks

The enclosed hull design is similar to many hard shell kayaks; this is shown above in the Advanced Elements AE1044 AdvancedFrame DS-XL kayak.  The snugger cockpit design keeps excess water and wind from entering the kayak, and also less direct sun. Many of them have coamings (the gray tube in the photo above, encircling the cockpit) that allow you to attach a spray skirt.

What is a spray skirt? This is an accessory that attaches to the kayak around the coaming, and then again to your body (shown above on an Innova Swing). The function is to keep out even more wind and water.

Many of the enclosed decks can be zipped open for easy entry or to cool off, but the benefits of the enclosed design include the ability to kayak in windier and colder climates/situations (shown above, the Aquaglide Navarro series.)

A closed-design tandem can also be paddled solo, but it is not as balanced as the paddler must sit in the rear fixed cockpit, rather than the optimal position “just rear of center.” Typically, adding weight to the front will help balance out the kayak (as shown with Eddie sitting in the front cockpit of an Innova Swing 2 kayak).
Open Design Inflatable Kayaks:

This includes

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Advanced Elements AirVolution Dropstitch Kayaks for 2021 – What’s New

Last summer, Advanced Elements of Benicia, California introduced two exciting new kayaks as precursors to the 2021 season – the AirVolutions. What makes them so special? The AirVolution solo and AirVolution2 tandem are constructed entirely from dropstitch material. With just two inflation chambers, and inflation pressures of 10 to 12 PSI, the kayaks are extremely rigid.

The sleek new models feature heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin which offers a smooth, hydrodynamic outer skin, making them easy to dry. The wide cockpit provides easy entry and exit, while the hull has a unique V-shape that transitions to a chined hull for greater on-the-water performance.

The kayaks were an immediate hit, and the demand outpaced the inventory – the AirVolution2 sold out by the end of summer.

Based on feedback from the intro models, Advanced Elements has tweaked the designs for 2021. The newly updated AE3029 AirVolution and AE3030 AirVolution2 tandem kayaks are enroute, with estimated availability of late March.

You can read our detailed writeups on the 2020 AirVolution solo kayak and the Airvolution2 for one or two paddlers.

So what’s new on the AirVolutions for 2021?

The AE3029 AirVolution also had the valves relocated; they are now behind the seat, closer together and out of the way. The drain well was also moved forward 4 inches.

Each of these are detailed in the new instruction manual, which can be downloaded here.

Weights and dimensions remain the same, but the prices have increased due to tariffs. The AirVolution AE3029 single is $1199 while the AE3030 Airvolution2 for one or two paddlers in $1499. The new models will be arriving mid-March and can be purchased at AirKayaks.com

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