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Sneak Preview: Pau Hana 10’10” SOLO Backcountry Inflatable Backpacking SUP

Earlier this year we received news of an innovative new inflatable paddle board from Pau Hana Surf Co. – the 10’10” Solo Backcountry. The Solo SUP is a “hikeable” air SUP that fits inside a small backpack weighing in at 23 lbs for the complete package.

Based out of California, since 2006 Pau Hana Surf Supply has been a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative stand up paddle boards. The Hawaiian phrase “Pau Hana” means “the time after work” and for Pau Hana’s founder and designer, Todd Caranto, it’s all about the spirit of play on the water.
While Pau Hana manufactures both hard shells and air sups, the eight inflatable models range in size from 9’6″ to 15’0″, spanning water activities of yoga, surfing, party paddling, racing and fishing – and now backpacking and bike packing.

Pau Hana’s dream was to break down the access barriers to paddling in remote locations by designing an entire paddle board kit – board, paddle, pump, leash, fins and backpack/drybag – which could easily be hiked/biked into the back country.

The result of the redesign created a package that is truly an example of the “whole is the sum of the parts.” Enter the Pau Hana 10’10’ Solo Backcountry – a portable, full-length air SUP replete with gear, that fits into a dry bag/backpack measuring 22 x 12 x 13 inches and weighing in at 23 lbs. The Pau Hana 10’10” SOLO Backcountry now joins the ranks of the popular inflatable packrafts with a paddling alternative – the pack sup.

What’s so special? Beginning with the board, the Solo 10-10 is constructed from an ultra-light dropstitch material. What is dropstitch? An inner core consists of two pieces of fabric held together with thousands of threads, creating an inflatable with the structure and rigidity to be pumped up to 15 PSI.

While one can easily save weight by removing features, the SOLO doesn’t skimp on whiz-bangs, with enough features to enhance the paddling experience.

Two 6″ quick snap-in fins easily connect to the board to provide tracking. The fin boxes are placed on both sides of the board, allowing one to fold the board in half for smaller storage.

There is one military valve for inflation.

Bungee deck lacing on the nose and tail provide numerous places to attach gear

A soft neoprene handle provides a comfortable grip while carrying the board.

The SOLO mini pump features feet and handles that can be unscrewed to create a smaller package.

The new, patented SOLO “soft” paddle may be a game changer. Driven by the challenge to reduce bulk, the paddle is a lightweight fiberglass shaft with a “rollable” soft PVC blade and consists of an adjustable handle, 3 shaft pieces and 2 connectors.  The paddle has been

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Sneak Preview: Red Paddle Co’s Ultra-Packable 11’0″ Compact Sport Inflatable SUP Package

Red Paddle Co has introduced their new 11’0″ Compact Sport Inflatable SUP Package, the second in a series of super-portable, lightweight, packable inflatable SUP packages. The 11’0″ Compact Sport joins the 9’6″ Compact in the Red Paddle line up, offering a longer length and increased carrying capacity of 242 lbs.

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Sneak Preview: Red Paddle Co’s Ultra-Packable 9’6″Compact Inflatable SUP Package

Red Paddle Co has announced the launch of their new 9’6″ Compact Inflatable SUP Package, a revolutionary game-changer in the inflatable paddle board industry.

Based on the popular Red Paddle Co Ride 10’6″ with similarities to the original 9’6″ All Water, the 9’6″ Compact features a 32″ width with 4.7″ thickness, yet packs down to half the size of a conventional Red board without sacrificing performance, rigidity or durability. The package comes complete with Titan pump, backpack, cell phone case, fins, gauge, leash and carbon breakdown paddle; the entire package weighs in at roughly 28.5 lbs (12.7 kg), with the board alone at 16.65 lbs/7.4 kg.
Red Paddle accomplished this through a series of material breakthroughs and innovative design, starting from the ground-up and re-engineering each part.

The 9’6″ Compact is constructed from a newly-developed core material, featuring a high-resolution thread matrix called PACT technology. Ten years in the making, PACT technology is a new weaving process which creates a high-tensile thread matrix at the core of the board, with a super-strong, malleable outer layer.
A unique “quad stringer” system is placed on the top and underside; as the board is inflated, the stringer becomes tighter making the 9’6 Compact more rigid without the bulk.

The deck pad is now “split” with the handle placed just left of center. Both the inflation valve and leash have also been placed off-center, in essence creating a “living hinge,” allowing one to fold the board in half and easily roll the Compact into a smaller package.
A bungee deck-lace system with 6 d-rings provides enough space and attachment points to secure extra gear.

The removable Red Click Fin System features two fully recyclable FCS fins and fin box with an integrated pin system ensuring the fins are not lost while paddling. The fin box is compatible with most FCS fins.

The bag went through equal scrutiny and now touts a smaller footprint; dimensions are roughly 22″x 16.5″ x 11″ as compared to the current roller backpack of 38″ x 14″ x 12″. The entire bag was redesigned to enhance comfort. New features include lumbar support which can be customized by adjusting the height, a cushioned, adjustable waist belt and adjustable backpack straps with concentrated shoulder padding. Each of these allow one to personally optimize the backpack for a more ergonomic fit.
The carry handle is constructed from a tubular, closed-cell foam padding, with reinforced handle and strap anchor points and rollover seams. The interior features a fin pocket, water bottle pocket and paddle storage straps. Weight reduction is saved via the smaller size, and removal of the wheels. All this makes a lighter-weight, 4 lb./1.8 kg backpack that features 53% less downward force applied on the lower back.

Included in the 9’6″ Compact

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