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Sneak Preview: Aquaglide’s New Blackfoot Angler Inflatable Kayaks for 2021

In late 2020 we posted information on Aquaglide’s upcoming new inflatable kayak line for 2021, consisting of 20 models for recreational, touring, fishing, whitewater/crossover and back-country. While twelve models remain the same, the Chelan and Blackfoot series were redesigned. We expanded the details in our Sneak Preview on the Aquaglide Chelan series, and we now turn to the updated Blackfoot fishing kayaks.

The Blackfoot Angler series for 2021 is comprised of the Blackfoot 130 – a single angler that can become a double with purchase of an optional seat – and the new Blackfoot 160 XL – a true tandem.
Just like the new Chelan series, the key words for the 2021 Blackfoots are comfort, performance and appointments, now featuring beefed-up graphics and even more storage options and gear attachments for a better fishing and paddling experience.

The previous Blackfoot 125 has been redesigned as a slightly longer 13 foot by 40 inch width Blackfoot Angler 130 for one paddler, but with space enough to outfit it as a double by adding an extra seat. A new BlackFoot Angler 160 – at a whopping 16 feet with 40 inch width – is a true tandem with all the bells and whistles and an 800 lb payload. The Blackfoot 110 solo has been retired.
Each of the new Blackfoots is constructed from Aquaglide’s commercial-grade Duratex material consisting of a lightweight, stiff and durable skin that dries easily. The high-pressure floor is covered with a diamond-cut EVA traction pad for secure footing and comfort while casting or standing.
Four threaded drain plugs can be opened or closed, dependent on the type of water action – open for self-draining in rough water or closed when in calm settings.

Front and rear splash decks with bungee lacing keep water out and gear intact.
The Blackfoots come standard with Aquaglide’s new High-Low Frame Seat with two seating options; the high setting offers better visibility and makes it easier to stand up when casting, while the low setting provides more stability in rougher waters. An adjustable, high backrest gives solid support, while the breathable fabric keeps one cooler. A storage shelf under the seat is perfect for tackle boxes while further storage options can be found on the seat back. As an added bonus – the seat can be removed, providing comfortable seating on the beach or around a campsite.

New Molle plates – as found on military backpacks and gear – are integrated onto the side tubes. Each can be used for attaching a multitude of aftermarket gadgets, such as first aid kits, multi-tool cases, waterproof gear pouches or Aquaglide’s optional, new, vertically-mounted cup holder. The Blackfoot series comes equipped with mesh storage pouches which attach to the molle plates.

A series of universal mounts on

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