Product Review: AquaGlide Blackfoot Angler 11’0″ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

We have recently focused on the new AquaGlide models for 2016 as they’ve arrived over the past few months. A division of North Sports Inc., the Aquaglide brand has grown steadily over the past 15 years, now encompassing inflatable kayaks and standup paddle boards.
To-date, product reviews have included the new BlackFoot SL inflatable fishing kayak and the Cascade 11’0″ inflatable paddle board.

We have been eager to try out the new Blackfoot Angler 11’0″ inflatable SUP, which this year joined the three Cascade recreational models – the Cascades 10’0″, 11’0″ and 12’0″ – as the only fishing-specific model in the AquaGlide  standup paddle board line.
Time and weather came together last week. So, our second board review will focus on Aquaglide’s new Blackfoot 11’0″– a 14-18 PSI inflatable SUP workhorse with a capacity load of 450 lbs. Please note, some of this will be repeated from other write-ups.
Aquaglide Blackfoot 11’0″ iSUP – Getting Started
The double-boxed board as-arrived is 47 x 24 x 8.5 inches weighing in at 47 lbs.

Inside is the Blackfoot 11’0″ body, backpack, repair kit, high pressure pump with gauge and removable fin. The instructions were missing, but we did manage to locate them online – we have attached a link here. Once rolled up, the SUP board and pump fit into the backpack, as well as breakdown paddles, though the backpack is set up to also attach paddles or pump to the outside.
The board itself weighs 29 lbs, or 36 lbs inside the backpack with pump – these all easily fit in the back of a small car. Folded up in the bag, the dimensions are 38 x 21 x 8 inches.

For your first set up unroll the SUP body. Lay it out face up so that you can access the military valve.

The Blackfoot 11-0 utilizes one spring-loaded military valve for inflation. These are very simple to use and feature an inflate mode (spring plunger is UP) and a deflate mode (spring plunger is DOWN). By using your finger to gently push on the plunger, it can be moved to the inflate mode (air goes in and doesn’t come back out) and deflate mode (air goes in and comes back out). Before you go to all the effort of inflating the board, PLEASE make sure the plunger is in the inflate position.
The Blackfoot paddle board we received included the standard AquaGlide wide-barrel, single-action kayak pump with gauge – we understand that subsequent shipments will include the new-style Bravo high-pressure, dual-action hand pump.

First, attach the gauge to the hose, then the hose to the pump handle. Take the military valve adaptor (the one with locking arms) and friction fit it over the Boston valve adaptor, which is attached to the

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