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Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a wonderful workout. Just getting out on the water works your core, your legs and improves balance and focus. Adding Yoga SUP to the mix dials the workout up to 11 (or 15 in my case – newb yogi alert). To some, getting into the sport is a daunting task, even without the added layer of selecting the right hardware. This guide is meant to make it easy to pick your board and strike your first pose! To the review. We call out the Best Yoga SUP boards for a variety of paddling situations and budgets below.

Hala Asana 10Tahe SUP YAK 10-6Aquaglide Kush 11Red Activ 10-8Advanced Elements Lotus 10Pau Hana Moon Mist 10

The TOP Yoga Boards

Lets talk about our curated board selection. Airkayaks only carries boards that we THOURUGHLY vet for quality and durability. These boards range in price from $529 to $1399.

Advanced Elements Lotus YSUPHala AsanaPau Hana Surf Supply Moon MistRed Activ

And two boards not specifically branded for Yoga:

Aquaglide KushTahe 10-6 SUP-YAK

Typical Features of all Yoga Boards

Stability – all Yoga SUP boards are designed to be stable.

Rigidity – all Yoga SUP boards are designed to be rigid on the water

Width – Yoga SUP boards are typically wider than their all around counterparts with most measuring 32-34″ in width. Also the boards are typically “square” meaning the width runs the majority of the board where an all around board will have an oval profile.

Comparison Table

Best Yoga SUP Value – Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP

At $699, the Advanced Elements Lotus YSUP packs tremendous value into its 10′ size.

Package: To start, the package now includes a paddle and a pump, so its straight from the box to the water. The carrying backpack is more slim than some of the other boards in this review so it will not fit much extra gear.

Design: Advanced Elements has a 3/4 length traction pad, so the majority of the board is usable, and has a nice shoulder strap (which keeps the grip handle out of the center). The colorway is a nice, white / grey / green with a lotus flower near the top.

Stability: This board offers average stability for a 10′ x 32″ board. To get better stability, you would need to size up your board (either width or length).

Alternate Use: 3 removable tracking fins make the board track well when used as an all around, and this board would also be great as a versatile kids board.

Rated at 4/5 stars as a Yoga SUP, this board is a great option for all.

Top 3 Yoga SUP Board – Hala Asana

Stability: At 10′ and 34″ wide, the Hala Asana is an incredibly stable yoga board.

Design: Known

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