Airkayaks Guide to outfitting your Blackfoot Angler 130 Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

One of the most common questions we get about the Blackfoot 130 Inflatable kayak is: How do I outfit it for fishing? As one of the most fully featured gear haulers around, we put the Blackfoot to the test and will provide tips and tricks to get everything possible out of the Blackfoot 130 from Aquaglide.

First – where do you put your paddles when fishing?

To do this we recommend paddle holders from the brand Yakattack. These are available almost anywhere and the street price is about $15 each.

Installation of Yakattack Rotogrip Paddle Holder on the Blackfoot 130

When installing the Yakattack Rotogrip Paddle Holder on to the Blackfoot 130 inflatable kayak you need to make sure you have the correct baseplate and be aware of correct bolt sizing.

YakAttack product requires a YakAttack baseplate.  A Scotty base will not work.  There are a few different YakAttack bases on the market and it may not be obvious which one to choose. 

The correct base is the Mighty Mount Switch.  This base is for what YakAttack describes as old school deck mounts.  Note this mount comes with 1-inch stainless steel bolts. 

 The one-inch bolts are too long for the kayak mounting pad.  The kayak requires 7/8-inch bolts.  To allow the 1-inch bolts to work in this application put the washers that come with the bolt before inserting to the bases.  The washer prevents the bolt from going down into the recessed hole. 

Alternatively, you could locate 7/8-inch bolts and washer that fit inside the recessed holes.

Next, where do I put my beverage?

We recommend the Aquaglide Cupholder for this. Available at Airkayaks and it has a street price of $19.95. The cupholder is unique from the Yakattack or Railblaza mounts because it can fit in either the side molle strips or the universal baseplate. We can verify that your favorite hot and cold beverages will fit great!

Next – Mounting Rod Holders on the Blackfoot 130

The Blackfoot 130 comes with a nice cooler with 4 integrated rod holders, which is best used when it FILLED up with ice or something solid. The cooler will be a bit flimsy without this. With 9 universal mounts, you can really go crazy with rod holders. Railblaza, Yakattack, Ram Mounts, and Scotty brand all offer a variety of mounts, priced between $20 and $30 typically. If you are buying the rod holder, make sure it comes with a base plate as each brand requires a unique base plate.

Make sure to get it on Camera

Weve tested tons of mounts and found that the best Cell Phone mount comes from the brand Railblaza, with a street price of $35. There are many GoPro / action cam mounts

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