Product Review: Klickitat One HB Whitewater Inflatable Kayak from AquaGlide

We continue with our series on the new Aquaglide line of inflatable kayaks. Our previous reviews focused on the Chinook price-point line, the high-pressure Columbia touring series and the Deschutes recreational kayaks. We now move on to the high-pressure Klickitat whitewater models.

Following is our writeup on the Klickitat One HB, a 10-foot inflatable one-person self-bailing kayak selling for $599.
Getting Started with the Klickitat One:
We unpacked the box and laid out the pieces – inflatable kayak, backpack, instructions, repair kit, foot brace, tracking fin and seat.

Initial measurements showed the kayak body weighs 22 lbs, with a backpack size of roughly 27 x 22 x 12 inches, while the kayak with seat, fin and brace – all in the backpack – weighs 28 lbs. Boxed up, the dimensions are 33 x 20 x 17 inches with a shipping weight of 37 lbs.
(AirKayaks Side note #1: When initially removing the kayak from the carrying case, take a good look at how the kayak is folded This is probably the most overlooked step and it is VERY helpful when trying to get the kayak back into the bag.)
The included instructions are adequate and include diagrams with inflation details.

Set up is straight-forward and simple  – unpack, unfold, inflate.
There are three inflation chambers utilizing high-pressure military valves – the two side chambers and the floor. The floor is pumped up first.

The military-style plunger valve is simple to use – with your finger, twist the plunger slightly to the “up” position to inflate (air goes in but doesn’t come back out) and “down” to deflate (air comes out).

The Klickitat One HB floor requires a military valve adaptor, which does not come with most standard pumps. Here is where we came to our first issue, but one we already knew about from previous reviews – no military valve adaptor was included. In the interim, Aquaglide had shipped us a box of adaptors, so we were ready to keep going. (AirKayaks note #2: The first couple of Aquaglide shipments did not include the adaptor, but subsequent shipments will. We did obtain a number of fittings that we will be including with the first shipments.) Friction fit the military valve adaptor onto the Boston valve adaptor, then lock onto the military valve with a slight twist. Since the chambers are inflated from 3 to 12 PSI, it is helpful to use a pump with pressure gauge to ensure the kayak is inflated appropriately.

The floor is held in place with two straps. Pump up the floor to  at least 6 PSI – this took us about 20 complete pumps with a double action pump. While the instructions say it can be inflated up to 12 PSI, at 6 PSI it is

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