Airkayaks Best Inflatable Kayaks of 2021 & Predictions for 2022

2021 was a huge success for the kayak industry. Paddlesports in general are more popular than ever, due to increased interest in the outdoors. Anyone that looked for a specific model last year was lucky to find it. At, we were no exception, with over 150 models of inflatable kayaks and stand up paddleboards in stock (normally), we got down to only 30 in stock at one point.

We shipped out over 130 tons of kayaks to our customers in the last 6 months of the year alone, and we wanted to point out the top trends of 2021 and predict the top kayaks of 2022. is a full year, multi-brand (9) inflatable kayak supplier, plus, we actually test and review all brands of inflatable kayaks and SUPs on the market on Needless to say, we have a dataset on our hands to determine what people bought, were searching for, which kayaks held up, which had warrantee issues, and what people were the most happy with for 2021. We hope this guide is helpful in your search for a new inflatable kayak in 2022.

We’re going to highlight 2021’s top tandem inflatable kayaks, best fishing inflatable kayaks, top solo inflatable kayaks, best whitewater inflatable kayak, top packable / travel inflatables, and most searched inflatable kayaks.

Stay tuned for Airkayaks predictions on: the top inflatable kayak for 2022, new kayaks for 2022, trends in the market, and what has changed with top kayak manufacturers for 2022.

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Airkayaks Top Tandem Inflatable Kayaks for 2021

1. Advanced Elements Convertible Elite – AE1007E ($1099)+ AE1007DS (Limited Edition Blue Color – $949)

Photo Cred: Airkayaks Customer Kyle K.

By the numbers, there is no other kayak more popular than the Advanced Elements Convertible series kayaks. These kayaks are made with multiple options (seats, floor, bag, etc) and in multiple colors (Red, Green, DS Blue

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