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Blackfoot Angler Kayaks and 70+ inflatable kayak models in stock at Airkayaks.com

Finally inventory has started to arrive at Airkayaks. With over 150 inflatable kayaks and iSUPs offered at Airkayaks, we saw inventory dwindle to less than 30 models in stock at one point this summer.

Todays most popular kayaks, the Blackfoot Angler 130, and Advanced Elements AirVolution2 are both in stock at Airkayaks.com, along with great kayaks for 1 or 2 paddlers from as low as $299.

Below are a list of In-Stock Kayaks as of 8/17/21 and the next availability date for out of stock kayaks.

If you are not sure which kayak is right for you, try our FIND MY KAYAK quiz.

Call us at 833-743-0199 with questions.

And use code GOAIRKAYAKS for a free Airkayaks Hat with order!

Advanced Elements In Stock

AE3030 AirVolution2AE1020-PP Firefly – $274 with code GOAIRKAYAKSFIREFLYAE3023 Island Voyage 2AE1007G AdvancedFrame Convertible GreenAE1007R AdvancedFrame Convertible RedAE1006 StraitEdge Self BailingAE1006 StraitEdge AnglerAE3021 PackliteAE1062 Lotus YSUPAE1010 Hula SUPAE1064 Fishbone SUP

Advanced Elements Coming Soon

AE3022-G Ultralite kayak – End of AugustAE1017-O Sport – Early SeptemberAE1055 Angler Pro – Early SeptemberAE1009XE – Mid SeptemberAE1012R – Mid SeptemberAE1007-E Convertible Elite (note – we can make a Convertible Elite with our 1007DS Floor)AE1007-DS – OctoberAE1044XL – OctoberAE1044XLC – OctoberAE1017DS – October

Tahe Sport In Stock

Tahe Beach LP1 inflatable Kayak (free Feather Pump with purchase)Tahe Beach LP2 inflatable Kayak (free Feather Pump with purchase)Tahe Beach LP3 inflatable Kayak (free Feather Pump with purchase)Tahe Breeze Wing 11 SUPTahe Beach Wing 11 SUP – on sale at $459

Tahe Sport Coming Soon

Tahe SUP-YAK 10-6 – late AugustTahe SUP-YAK 11-6 – late AugustTahe SUP-YAK Conversion Kits – late August

Aquaglide In Stock

Cascade 10 iSUP – floor model available at discountCascade 11 iSUP – floor model available at discountKush 11 iSUPBlackfoot Angler 130Chelan 120Deschutes 110Deschutes 130Deschutes 140Navarro 110Navarro 130Navarro 145Chinook 90Chinook 100Backwoods Expedition 85 – floor model available at discountBackwoods Purist 65 – floor model available at discountBackwoods Angler 75 – floor model available at discountBlackfoot Angler 11 SUPRoam 12-6 SUP

Aquaglide Coming Soon

Blackfoot Angler 160 – Arriving weekly during AugustChelan 140 – late AugustChelan 155 – late AugustMcKenzie 125 – late AugustChinook 120 – late August

Kokopelli In Stock

Moki 1XPDRogueNirvanaRogue R-DeckTwainRecon

Kokopelli Coming Soon

Moki – Lite – October

Aire Coming Soon

Tomcat Solos & Tandems – October
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The 2020 Inflatable Kayak & SUP Market – What’s New

We begin 2020 with a look at some of the upcoming new inflatable kayak and SUP models that will be arriving at AirKayaks in the next few months.
Advanced Elements

Advanced Elements will be introducing the StraitEdge 2 Pro – a 13-foot, high-pressure model for solo or tandem paddling. Weighing in at 41 lbs with a weight capacity of 500 lbs, the new StraitEdge 2 Pro features a more open design and more interior space. The Pro comes with open/close self-bailing ports, two foot peg systems, high-backed lumbar seats with padded bases and a backpack. MSRP is $999. Look for this in March.
For 2020, Aquaglide’s inflatable kayak line has undergone a major redesign, with the retirement of 6 models, a facelift for 3 models, and the introduction of 7 new models.

The Columbia, Klickitat and Rogue models have been retired. The Klickitat self-bailers will be replaced with the McKenzie whitewater line.

The Columbia line has been replaced with the Navarros. Available in three models – two singles (Navarro 110 and Navarro 130) and a double (Navarro 145) – the recreational line now sports high-pressure floors as well as enclosed decks. The two larger models have removable deck options. Prices are $599.99, $699.99 and $799.99 respectively.

The Chinook series has a new look and color scheme, with increased pricing on the two larger models.

The new Deschutes line features three models – Deschutes 110 and Deschutes 130 single kayaks and the Deschutes 145 tandem. The Deschutes are an innovative line consisting of simple-to-setup, lightweight, recreational kayaks that are easy to dry and more packable. MSRP is $599, $699 and $799 respectively.

The entry-level, sporty little Noyo rounds out the line at $379.99
The paddle board line remains the same, except for the removal of the Cascade 11 WindSup.
The new kayaks will be arriving in late January through March. For further details on the new kayaks and changes, see our article AquaGlide Inflatable Kayak and SUP Product Line for 2020.
Hala Gear
There are no changes to the Hala inflatable SUP line for 2020 – Hala operates on a two-year design run, so look for updates in 2021.
2019 featured major changes to Innova Kayak, with many models crossing over to the rugged Nitrilon material. For 2020, the Innova kayak linueup remains the same except for the introduction of two new models.

The Innova Rush and Rush II inflatable kayaks feature high-pressure, dropstitch floors and removable decks. The 11’8″ Rush solo is similar in design to the current Swings. The 13’9″ Rush Tandem can be paddled solo or double and features an optional removable single or double deck. Prices are $899 and $1429 respectively. The optional decks range from $229 to $329.
Further details on the Rush can be seen in this video:

Kokopelli Packraft
For 2020,

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2017 AirKayaks Holiday Specials: Inflatable Kayak, SUPs and Gear Steals & Deals

It’s that time of year – AirKayaks is offering great buys or free gear on most of their inflatable kayaks and SUP lines starting now!

To kick it off, the entire in-stock AquaGlide product line is 20% off through December 1st. Great savings, with kayaks as low as $187 and SUPs starting at $499. Save up to 40% on past season models.

Not to be outdone, all Aire Tributary inflatables are 15% off through December 20th, with prices starting at $534.

Get a free paddle ($63.95 to $199 value) with purchase of a 2018 Red Paddle Co SUP (now in stock!) or save an additional 15% on 2017 past season models.

Paddlers will find in-stock Innova kayaks at 10% off, with past-season models up to 40% off.

With the backpacker in mind, all 2017 Kokopelli packrafts are 20% off through Dec. 5th, with prices as low as $580. This is a great time to pick up a lightweight inflatable before the 10% to 20% price increase in 2018.

Almost all Advanced Elements kayaks come with free gear – ranging from paddles, skegs and dry bags to foot pegs and braces (a $27.99 to $99 value). And check out the limited edition AE1009-AF2 AdvancedFrame 2, now $499.

The PFD price slash is on, with Stohlquist, NRS and Astral PFDs at 20% off as well as past-season MTI Adventurewear.

Need some paddling accessories such as a kayak cover, PFD, dry bag or paddle leash? Take 10% off additional paddling gear with purchase of an inflatable kayak (or paddle board) using coupon code 10% ACC at checkout.
Combine these with FREE shipping in continental US for orders over $99, and NO TAX. This is a great time to pick up a fantastic gift – for a friend, a relative, or yourself! Take a look at all AirKayaks inflatable kayaks and gear.
See the complete list of Specials and Promos on AirKayaks.com, or view our Holiday Shopping Guides.
Season’s Greetings from AirKayaks.com!

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